Friday, 30 October 2015

Numbers 20: 'Anger' is one letter away from 'Danger'

Hi there friends! Glad it's the weekend? I love Fridays ☺.

First of all, thanks again to those who gave me feedback on how the Lord has been blessing and encouraging you in your walk with Him. I put the names in a 'container' today and hubby picked one out. The winner of the book is...LORNA S!!!!
Lorna, please text or what's app your address to me and I'll get the book to you asap. I have decided to give a tiny wee something to the others who took part as well. You'll get yours at the weekend!

Let's look at Numbers 20 now. As soon as I read verses 2-5 I thought, "Here we go again". The people of Israel gang up against Moses and Aaron with their complaints and hostility. They keep harking back to the past, seeing their situation through rose-coloured glasses. And now they even wish for death. They keep asking "Why?"; they see only the negative in everything. We can learn a very important lesson here, which is to be very careful how we respond to our difficulties. Every situation we find ourselves in has been arranged or allowed by God and it is one opportunity after another to glorify His holy name, obviously depending on how we handle it. When difficulties come, do we immediately ask "Why me?" or do we wish we were living in the past, for it seemed better there? Do we blame others or do we complain and grumble and cause the Lord to be angry with us? Does God ever say of us "Here we go again? After all the good I do for this person, all they ever do is complain"?

In this situation, Moses and Aaron went straightaway to talk to the Lord about the latest developments and to ask what they should do next.

Image result for bible numbers 20Verses 8, 11 & 12. We cannot read Moses' heart and intentions but he was obviously (and understandably) very angry. Here was his opportunity to glorify the Lord's name in obedience and humility but instead he acted impulsively and sinfully. God told him to 'speak' to the rock but instead Moses 'smote the rock twice'. As a result of this, he and Aaron both lost out - they were no longer allowed to enter the promised land where they were leading God's people to. We must be very careful not to respond in anger and in haste.

Miriam had already died and at the end of this chapter Aaron was also taken home to be with the Lord, so neither of them would even get a glimpse of the land of promise (although they would have been with Christ which was very much better). But it would have been very disappointing for them and Moses too to have served the Lord for so long in obedience and then make such a mistake at the end. We can never let our guard down; we must be on our toes at all times, for the devil is out there, seeking souls to bring down and testimonies to ruin at the last hurdle. Pray that the Lord will keep you close to Himself and help you to respond in the right way to the trials of life and indeed react with grace when others would cause you to get angry.

Have a good weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday for another week in ACTS.

Hugs, Karen x

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