Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Numbers 18: Satisfied with what you have?

Good evening, friends. Hope you are well. Have you got your fire lit yet? Even though it's still quite mild, we lit ours, just for the homely glow and warmth. Love it!

Numbers chapter 19 is dedicated to the Lord telling Aaron and his sons what their duties were before Him in the sanctuary. The people had been complaining that Moses and Aaron were seemingly taking over and getting a bit too high and mighty, and here, in today's chapter, the Lord explains exactly what it is Aaron has been entrusted with. Yes, indeed, they have been given a very important job to do for the Lord - and they would have been recognised as those set apart to serve the Lord in a special and significant manner. In life, there are those who have really important jobs to do, people who are set apart to do something that most of us wouldn't be able to do. Often it is a real privilege and honour to be in such a position. BUT the Lord then goes on to explain to Aaron, his sons and the congregation that, with such a position of honour and service, there is also a high degree of responsibility and accountability. Verse 23 says,
"But the Levites shall do the service of the tabernacle of the congregation, and they shall bear their iniquity."
In other words, the Levites stood between the people, their sin and the Lord. They were the ones who had to offer up the sacrifices to God for atonement on their behalf. God expected great things of them.

Our ministers and missionaries come to mind here. They have been called to a very honourable and important position, where they serve God wholeheartedly in positions of leadership and as servants of God. They have the burden of souls on their hearts daily (as, of course, all Christians should have); yet they also have major responsibilities that God has given them the grace to bear, that He hasn't perhaps given you and me. So these dear servants of the cross need extra prayers. We need to ask the Lord to protect them, to sustain them, to keep them close to Himself. Maybe, if you have a little prayer diary, you could add the name of a missionary or minister who you could pray for on a certain day of the month. For example, in my prayer diary, I pray for our missionaries in Africa and Spain on a Monday, Tuesday is for those in the south of Ireland, etc. We know nothing of the burdens these dear people carry, so we must uphold them in prayer and support them in any way possible, to help make their burden lighter.

I often think that it is as well the Lord has equipped them as He has; I certainly don't know that I could do what they do!

Hugs, Karen x 

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