Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Numbers 17: Blossoms and blessings!

Good evening, friends. Hope your day has gone well so far, in spite of the grey day we've had.

Today we are reading and studying Numbers 17. At first glance there doesn't seem to be a lot that we can learn from this short chapter, but if you dig deeper, nuggets of truth will appear to bless your heart and soul.

At first, I couldn't see what the lesson was from the rod that budded and blossomed but then I compared it with the other 11 rods (of the tribe leaders). This was Aaron's rod that God chose to bless. God could have chosen any one of the twelve but He chose Aaron's. All 12 of the rods would've probably been old and dried out, seemingly dead pieces of wood. Mmm, a bit like us, don't you think? Dead in trespasses and sins, not worth very much and not likely to be useful for very much. But then God stepped in and did a miracle on the rod of Aaron. Aaron hadn't been or done anything better than anyone else; he wasn't special in any way (apart from being of the tribe of Levi, whom God had already pronounced as the priesthood who would serve Him. Remember from chapter 16, Korah was also of the tribe of Levi, but looked what happened to him). No, Aaron was just a man. In the same way, we are just people who have been born into this world, nobody special UNTIL God set His heart upon us and did a miracle in our lives. In the same way that He choose Aaron's rod and caused new life to come into it, He did the same for those of us who are saved. He drew us to Himself in salvation through His only beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and gave us new and eternal life.

Image result for blossoms and bloomsSo what will we do with this new life that we have been given? Like the rod, once dead but now fresh and living, we can start off with little buds...small evidences of our new life, changes that can be seen by our language, our behaviour, the places we go, the things we do. Then come the beautiful blossoms as there are more obvious changes in our life, like going faithfully to the prayer meeting, serving the Lord with the skills and talents He has given us, perhaps by singing, playing music for Him. And then is seen the fruit of our life change - we try to bring others to Christ, we witness for Him, we do our best to be soul winners for Him.

God didn't have to choose you and me...but He did and for that we should be truly thankful. But let's not sit back and think, 'that's great, I'm saved now and that's all I need to do.' Surely we should have a desire in our heart to see others, friends, family and loved ones, saved too. Let's pray for them and reach out to them and share the new life that God has given us!

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Hugs, Karen x

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