Monday, 19 October 2015


Good evening girls! How are you getting on with your studies? Are you still following along? I trust, with the busy pace of life, that you are able to get some time each day to spend in the Word of God. It certainly isn't easy, is it? What is it that keeps you from the Word? With me, it is usually tiredness or putting other things first ("I'll just do these dishes first" or "I have to phone so and so first") and I know that this is wrong. God MUST come first, as we learned in Numbers 15:20,21. God said the people were to bring Him the first of their 'dough'. I put a wee note in my Bible to say that
"When we give to God, it MUST NOT be the leftovers, but the FIRST and BEST of what we have." This includes our precious time.
Didn't God give His very best for us? And He gave, not His firstborn Son, but His only begotten Son, so that we could escape the punishment of Hell.

Now let's move on to ACTS 16 - it is a wonderful chapter! We read about REVIVAL (v.5), how God leads directly by His holy Spirit (v.7) and the importance and frequency of PRAYER (vs.13, 16, 25). Prayer was the anchor that held Paul and Silas and the other faithful disciples together when the going got rough.

Also, there are encouraging mentions of women in this chapter.
In verse 13, we read that it was the women who met for prayer on a regular basis.
In verses 14 and 15 we learn about Lydia, the hard working woman who prayed and listened to the words of Paul and who obediently was baptized.
In verse 16, there was the miraculous healing of the young damsel who was drawn away from the clutches of the devil and no longer served him.

It is our great privilege, if we are saved, to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. One of the wonderful and eternal services we can do for Him is to PRAY. You will never know what God will accomplish through your sincere prayers. If you haven't been praying for a while, come close to the Lord and ask Him to renew your zeal for souls and for His work.

If you can't get someone off your mind - pray for them - you may be the only one that cares enough to do so.:

Hugs, Karen x

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  1. hi karen!! another wee gem from the precious Word of God. huge thanks again:) i look forward and love to get to 'a place of rest' because there I meet with the Lord and am wonderfully blessed. u have such insight karen and amidst the business of life may God continue to use and bless as u minister to others through this means.
    disappointed last evening i didnt get to meet you and say hello but God willing some tym soon.
    In Him
    carol x