Monday, 7 September 2015

Welcome back to a new 'double' study!

Good morning girls! How are you doing today? I hope you all had a good summer break, and maybe even got away for a few days. As most of my followers know, my son got married in the summer and he and his lovely new wife bought us a surprise trip to Krakow. Hubby and I have talked for a long time about how we would love to go to see the concentration camps over there but had never got round to organising a trip like this, so you can imagine how pleased we were with this thoughtful gift! Auschwitz and Berkenau were the two camps we visited. Very, very sad and distressing to think human beings did this to other humans, things we couldn't even imagine in our worst nightmares. But it did happen and it reminded us of the many, many blessings each and every one of us enjoys today. If you ever get the chance to go over to Poland, I would definitely recommend a trip to Krakow.

Anyway, back to our Bible study. Courtney has suggested that we will be studying the book of ACTS followed by the book of NUMBERS. I have decided that, to keep things fresh and interesting, we will do alternate weeks in Acts and Numbers. So instead of studying just the book of Acts for the first 6 weeks and then going into Numbers for the next 7 weeks, we will do it week about. Hope that makes sense. I have attached a PDF of the reading list for the month of September HERE.

I hope you enjoy these studies and are able to follow along on a regular basis.
I'll be back on Wednesday with a few thoughts on what I've learned on the previous days.

Lots of hugs, Karen x

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