Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Numbers 3

Good afternoon, girls! How is going with the book of Numbers? I'm actually enjoying it, in spite of all the NUMBERS!!!

As I was reading, I wrote down the numbers of all the families of the Levites and added them up, getting 22,300 instead of just 22,000 as stated in verse 39. I know and believe completely that God never makes a mistake so I checked out the reasons for this difference. Check out this website, BIBLE HUB, for some insight into the various reasons for yourselves.

There are two main thoughts that I got from this chapter. They are quite simple really, but that's OK. It doesn't always have to be complicated. Sometimes I think we feel we have to find something very deep and meaningful to apply to our lives, but it's just as important to find something simple and meaningful!

Firstly, I was impressed with how Moses responded every time God gave him a command to follow. Look at verses 16, 39, 42 and 51. Moses may not have understood why he was asked to do these things but he went ahead and did exactly as he was asked anyway. He may have thought, 'What's the point in doing that?' but, regardless of any negative thoughts he may have had, he did it anyway. He may not have agreed with what God was asking him to do, but he obeyed anyway. When the Lord gives you a job to do, big or small, do you obey Him without question or do you say 'Why, Lord?'. Do you do it immediately or do you put it off again and again until you end up not doing it at all? Moses obviously trusted the Lord completely and knew that He always had a reason for everything He did or asked His people to do. For Moses, obedience was the only response.

Secondly, I noticed that God had a specific task for each group of people. The Gershonites were given the responsibility of taking care of the tabernacle itself, the tent covering, the hangings and the curtains. They had to maintain them and make sure they were always clean and presentable. When the Lord told the Israelites to pack up camp and move elsewhere, it was the Gershonites who had to dismantle the whole structure, pack it away, bring it safe to the next place and reassmble it. No easy task.

(You might like to print the diagram below and stick it into your Bible to give you a better idea of what's being talked about here).

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The Kohathites had the task of looking after the sanctuary and everything that was in it. The Merarites were responsible for the boards, bars, pillars and vessels of the tabernacle. All very different jobs but all were very important in their different way. The Gershonites couldn't have reassembled the tabernacle if the Merarites hadn't put up the pillars to support it. If the Kohathites didn't do their specialized job, there would be nowhere for the Levites to carry out their sacrifices to God and the whole thing would be useless.
We all have different but equally important jobs to do in our service for God. Some women are brilliant at making tea, traybakes and cakes, while others are excellent at welcoming people in the pews who sit beside them. Some can sing for the Lord while others can speak a word at a meeting. Some are wonderful at encouraging others with texts, emails, cards and other small tokens of kindness. You'll know what you do best and you'll find your special place in the Lord's work. Just don't feel that you have to be involved in every single thing. Be a specialist! Be the very best you can be doing what the Lord has blessed you with. When our individualized, specialist jobs are done with a full heart for the Lord and His work, it will all come together and should work like clockwork for his glory!

Hugs, Karen x

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