Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Numbers 2

Good morning, girls! So how did you feel about Numbers chapter 1? It's more interesting than you would think, isn't it?

Chapter 2 is also interesting in that God has designed and laid out an exact plan for where the tribes of Israel are to encamp in relation to the tabernacle. Everything God does is orderly and on purpose. God gave Noah exact measurements and instructions for the ark and it was a perfect means of safety for him and his family. God gave exact instructions for the building of the tabernacle, the only acceptable way to meet with God. Similarly, God has given exact instructions for salvation. We must accept our own sin, see that Jesus Christ is the only one who is able to save us from our sin, and that we must come to God through Christ in repentance and faith.

Here is a visual picture of the layout of the camp.

Click here for a link to a more in depth study of why the tribes were placed where they were
Nothing is haphazard with the Lord. This is such a simple truth but it means so much to you and me as His children. We can live our lives knowing that absolutely NOTHING happens by chance. As Christians we don't believe in 'luck'. Luck is something people believe in when things, good or bad, happen by chance or accidentally. I'm so glad I trust in a God who arranges all things in order and providentially with a plan. God's plan for the lives of His children is that we all glorify His name and enjoy His goodness and mercy day by day. Isn't it wonderful to know that when something happens in your life, whether good or bad, it has happened for a reason, a reason that will ultimately be for God's glory and our own good. Do you remember when Joseph was thrown into the pit by his brothers and then bought by the Ishmaelites who sold him as a slave into Egypt? This might have seemed to some people as plain old bad luck. But not to those who love the Lord and know His plans are always good for His people. Even Jacob felt hard done by and was sure that all things were working out against him in the loss of Jacob and then maybe Benjamin also. But we can't see the big picture as God can, which is why we have to trust in His wisdom. God was using Joseph's situation to save him and his family from starvation, along with many others. The next time you find yourself in an awful situation (or what you think is awful) try to bear in mind that further up the road God has great blessings to shower on you. You just can't see it now but as your story unfolds and as you look back on your journey you will see God's hand as He led and guided you in the best path for your life. Sometimes it's just a matter of lying low and waiting for the storm to pass, which it most certainly will with God in control. Be encouraged today, friends, whatever the trial is that you're facing just now; God WILL bring you through.

Another interesting thing to note about the tribes in their camps is that they each had their own standard, a sign that showed which tribe and family they belonged to. Each was different from the other. As Christians, we carry a banner, that signifies whose family we belong to. We are of the family of the Lord Jesus Christ and as such, we are to be different from those around us. This can be seen in how we speak, the language we choose to use, what we read, where we go, etc. Can people say of you that you are a true Christian, one who stands up for what they believe in? I know we let the Lord down every day we live, because even though we are saved we are not perfect, and won't be until we reach heaven, but in the meantime, while we are on our journey to our eternal home, we should be trying to live the best we can, not for ourselves, but for the Lord's sake.

Hugs, Karen x

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