Monday, 21 September 2015


Good morning, girls! Here we are, into our third week of studies already - one week of Acts and one of Numbers. Today, and for the rest of this week, we are back into Acts.

Here is your reading plan for the month of September.

So far, in the book, there has been something of a revival. Thousands of souls have been saved, the Gospel is being preached fearlessly and powerfully and Christians from all nations are living in accord and unity. But, oh dear, something has gone wrong. The devil is up to his usual tricks and is getting the victory over some of God's people. In verse 1 we read that, where there was once harmony, the order of the day is now complaints, bad feeling and discord among some of the Christians. Isn't that just what happens? The Lord blesses His people, they live well for Him and there is much blessing. But then, sinfulness steps in, selfishness rears its ugly head and there is discord in the ranks. There is murmuring, whispering under their breath to each other, someone is stirring things up by their complaining talk and all of a sudden the old man takes over from the new creatures in Christ. We are sinners saved by grace, which does not make us perfect, but it should make us more aware of our proneness to sin and our absolute need to keep our sinful nature under control and under the blood of Christ. God does not bless when there is fighting and bickering among His people. Let's make sure we are not the ones who are causing division by complaining and trying to get others on board. Life is hard enough at times when other people try to bring us down and Christians need to be supportive of each other, not causing splits between each other. The devil and his followers will do all in their power to cause discord in the church. Let's pray that they will have no entrance into our heart, life and church and let's keep close to each other in God's strength and love.

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