Monday, 31 August 2015

Song of Solomon 8:9-14 ♥ " that found favour." ♥

Good morning, girls! Today is our last day in the book of Song of Solomon. I feel happy that I've read it through and actually studied it and gleaned important lessons from it for the first time! I feel a bit sad to be leaving it now, but I'm also excited to be starting into ACTS next week. After today's study we will take a break until next Monday (7th Sept) when we will start the book of Acts. You know the importance of keeping reading your Bible every day, so we shouldn't slack off from reading this week. Instead, why not take this opportunity to read over the beautiful words in the book of Song of Solomon again, this time with a better idea of the story behind the book, with the fresh insight you have into who the characters are, and you never may find other treasures you didn't see the first time around!

In verse 10, we read words that apply to every one who is truly saved and born again..."then was I in his eyes as one that found favour". This means that the groom saw his loved one and she became special to him and he had a deep love for her. Do you remember the day you were saved, when you felt the drawing of the Holy Spirit to come to Christ? Maybe you'd known for a long time that God loved you but it hadn't yet touched your heart personally. Or maybe, like me, you had never really known about God's great mercy and salvation until the day He called you to Himself.

Whatever way you came to Christ, the whole truth is that He loved you even before you were born. While you were still forming in your mother's womb, God had set His love and favour upon you. Isn't that amazing...and also very humbling? Why? Because we were born in sin, there was never anything lovely about us to even deserve God's love or mercy, we spent our lives in disobedience and rebellion against a holy God, BUT YET we found favour in His eyes. This is something we will never understand until we get to heaven, so it's best not to try to figure it out, but what we can do is rejoice in God's goodness, grace and mercy towards us. It's not something that we should feel proud about or something that should cause us to boast. But rather it is something that should humble our hearts and cause us to rejoice in His goodness towards hell-deserving sinners. Those of us who are saved now, should be praying for our friends and family who still have not accepted God's tender mercy towards them; we need to pray that He will open their eyes of understanding and accept His offer of mercy and salvation. Let's share the good news of His grace and love for sinners today with those we come into contact with!

Hugs, Karen x

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