Saturday, 29 August 2015

Song of Solomon 7:10 - 8:8 ♥ "Who is this...leaning upon her beloved?" ♥

Hi girls! I do hope that this is a good weekend for you all and that you are able to have some rest, especially if you have had a busy work week. I was away for a couple of days at the beginning of the week and then back to work on Wednesday so I'm posting my thoughts on Thursday's and Friday's readings this morning.

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Chapter 7 verses 10 - 13 reveals a lovely picture of unity between the two lovers. The bride knows that she is in a very special situation. She is well and truly blessed and she is aware of it and wants to tell others. She tells the daughters of Jerusalem that she belongs to her beloved, that they have a really close bond and are truly special to each other; and not only that, but she is the centre desire of his heart. Everything he does, is with her in mind. This is a wonderful picture of our relationship with Christ! As His blood-bought people, we know that we belong to Him, we are special to Him and the very desire of His heart is towards us. Isn't this amazing? To think that the God of heaven loves each one of us individually and wants to have that very special relationship with us is just astounding. And even more, everything that God does, or even allows to happen, is with our best interests at heart. Whatever your individual situation may be this weekend, the Lord God Jehovah loves you with a special and tender love and His desire is towards YOU! He wants you to know that He loves you, that you mean everything to Him and He only wants the best for you, even if that doesn't seem clear to you at this moment in time.

Chapter 8 verse 5 looks to me like the daughters of Jerusalem are speaking to each other here. They see someone in the distance coming out of the wilderness, leaning upon the arm of her beloved. Soon they realise that it is the young woman they have known since she was born, who they helped to look after. They see her looking confident and happy as she walks with her beloved. Before salvation, we travelled through the wilderness of sin, wandering about in a lost condition, with no hope for the future. But when the Lord Jesus Christ met and saved us, we were changed and we journeyed out of the wilderness into fruitful vineyards with Him. We could not have made this journey by ourselves, but only by leaning on His strong arm of salvation. He is our strength and our confidence and now we have a purpose as His beloved people that we would never have had if we had tried to make our way through life on our own. Can people see the change in you? Perhaps there are people who knew you when you were in the wilderness of sin, wandering lost and alone. But now that you are saved and leaning on your Beloved, can they see the change for the better in your life? Can they see that strength and confidence that comes from being the desire of Christ's heart? Is it something that would make others want to know and trust Him too?

Hugs, Karen x

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