Thursday, 20 August 2015

Song of Solomon 5:8,9 ♥ What's so special about your beloved? ♥

Good afternoon girls! The weather has been lovely here today in Northern Ireland, warm and sunny. A great opportunity to get sheets and curtains washed and dried!

Today's reading is very short and sweet, just two verses, but they say a lot.

In verse 8, the bride has been searching everywhere for her beloved, after he left when she wouldn't open the door to his knocking and calling. She speaks to the other young women and begs them to speak to her beloved on her behalf if they should find him. She told them to tell him that she was 'sick of love'. This does not mean that she was fed up with being in love and didn't want to be in love anymore; no, it simply means that she was overwhelmed with love for him and was in distress at missing him so much. She knows the fault is hers and she feels grieved with herself that she was selfish about putting her own needs first by staying in bed. 'Lovesick' is a word that was used when I was a teenager to describe this feeling. Maybe not being able to eat, unhappy, tearful, could think about nothing else - this is all a description of the bride being 'sick of love'. The word 'of' could be replaced with the word 'with'.
Surely this is how we feel when we are not in close communion with our Lord. Maybe we are feeling out of sorts, just not at ourselves, perhaps feeling down but we just can't put a finger on what's wrong. We should take stock and think 'when was the last time we talked to our Beloved?' Maybe we are missing Him (and if we are truly saved this is definitely the case) and we need to spend more time with Him. Do you ever get dehydrated? I never drink enough water although I'm trying to do better. But I can tell now when I'm dehydrated because my mouth goes dry and I get terrible headaches. I even feel like my brain is shrivelling up! Well, this is the same for our soul when we allow ourselves to drift away from the Lord. we are not drinking fully from the Water of life and we feel as though there is a drought in our soul. Things aren't right and our heart and soul can feel dried up.  

In verse 9, the daughters of Jerusalem ask her, 'What is so special about your beloved? What has he done that makes him better than anybody else's loved one?' What a wonderful opportunity to talk about her beloved. Where would she even begin to start in mentioning all the lovely things about him?
What do you do when someone asks you 'what's so special about your God?'. Do you panic and shy away from answering them, perhaps embarrassed or ashamed of Him? Or do you praise the Lord for the chance to talk about all His wonderful attributes...His mercy, love, grace, longsuffering, goodness, perfection, salvation...we could go on and on for eternity! We should be asking the Lord to give us opportunities to witness for Him and when they come, we should jump straight in and give our testimony of what the Lord has done for us! This is news that we should definitely not be keeping to ourselves. That's being selfish. Why should we have news like this and not want to share it with the unsaved? Take every opportunity He gives you to glorify and honour His lovely name.

Hugs, Karen x

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