Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Song of Solomon 5:4-7 ♥ "My beloved had withdrawn himself" ♥

Good morning girls! Good to have you here today. I hope your reading has been a blessing to your own heart.

Yesterday, we discovered that the Lord was calling us to prayer and fellowship but also that we often make up feeble excuses as to why we don't pray.

In today's reading we also discover that there is now a door of separation between the two lovers. Isn't this what happens when we close down the lines of communication between us and the Lord? We feel distant from God, not able to see Him, unhappy within ourselves, closed off from Him. But remember, He is the one who always wants to have fellowship; but it is us who keeps the door closed and makes excuses. God will never force His way into our hearts; He will gently pursue us ("my beloved put in his hand by the hole of the door), call us and make it easy for us to come, but He leaves the choice of whether to open the door to us.

His gracious calls to us will hopefully win us over and we will 'rise to open up to our Beloved', but we can often be disappointed because our fellowship has been broken and the Lord withdraws Himself for a short time - simply to teach us the value of His presence. Of course the Lord does give us the choice of whether to fellowship with Him or not, but we can't just use Him when we feel like it, now and again to meet a particular need. Our fellowship with Him should be consistent, flowing smoothly along on an even keel, not an off-on relationship when we need Him. In good times and bad, He should be the one we run to. In good times, to praise and thank Him; in bad times, to seek His help and mercy. Sometimes we don't really appreciate what we have until we have it no longer. The Lord shouldn't have to withdraw Himself from us to make us appreciate what we have with Him; we should want to be with Him always, to have His sweet presence by our side and in our heart day by day.

Verse 7 teaches us that when we don't have the presence of the Lord in our heart and life, then we become vulnerable. We are open to all sorts of attacks and abuse from the world and we are not able to protect ourselves. We leave ourselves open to the attacks of the devil and his followers. When we leave off reading God's Word and praying, we don't have the same armour for times of need like this. We may think that we can go it alone at times, especially when things are going well; but when the attacks come, we are vulnerable and unable to withstand them alone. It isn't fair on our Saviour just to call for Him when we need help; He is our friend and wants to be with us through thick and thin. Imagine how your best friend would feel if you only ever contacted her when you were in trouble or needed help with something; I imagine she would feel used and the relationship would eventually wither away. Our friends like to be with us in the good times too, sharing in our happiness and us in theirs.

Let's not treat the Lord like a genie in a bottle who we just call on when we need His assistance. Let us love Him with all of our hearts, and when He calls us to prayer and fellowship, let us run to Him with joy and eagerness. This is not a one-sided relationship where God gives and we do all the taking. We must give to Him and His service - with our WHOLE heart!

Hugs, Karen x

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