Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Song of Solomon 4:16 - 5:3 ♥ Weary in well-doing? ♥

Good evening girls! Hope you are all well. First up, is this week's Bible reading plan (sorry it's late).

I particularly want to look at chapter 5 verses 2 and 3.
In verse 2, the bride is fast asleep, but something awakens her. She hears the voice of her beloved calling to her and knocking at her door. He refers to her as his 'love', 'dove' and 'undefiled' one. She is clean, pure and innocent in his sight. He loves her, he sees her gentle qualities and he knows that she has never been with another man; her heart belongs to him alone. Let's think about this in the context of our own life and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Isn't it wonderful to know that we are His 'love'? We are the object of His grace and mercy. As has been said in a gospel song, "When He was on the cross, I was on His mind." His love for us is the reason He came to this earth to live and die. How privileged and blessed we are indeed.
We are also His 'dove'. He protects us and cares for us, because He sees we are vulnerable. We are in need of His gentle guidance.
As far as God the Father is concerned, in spite of all of our sins and mistakes of the past (and even those of this very day), we are 'undefiled' in His eyes. We are no longer under His wrath or condemnation because of our awful sin; instead, we are redeemed by the blood of His dear Son; we stand pure and righteous in His sight. It's as if we had never sinned at all. Amazing love and grace!

So now the beloved is calling his bride to open the door to him, to have fellowship with him. She is just waking out of a deep sleep and should be able to get to the door fairly quickly but...we discover that she makes excuses for not opening the door to him! This is the man she claims to love and adore above all others, the one she cannot wait to be with, the one she searched throughout the streets for. And what is she doing? Making up silly reasons why she can't open the door to him. She says she has already put on her nightclothes and is in bed. She has washed the dirt from her feet for the day and is curled up in bed, comfy and cozy. She is enjoying her comforts too much to be bothered making the effort to get up in the cold to greet her loved one. Oh dear, I don't know about you but this certainly struck an 'off' chord with me. How many times have I heard the Lord calling me to prayer and fellowship with Him, the One I claim to love above all others, and yet, I make all sorts of excuses as to why I can't pray 'just then'. I have to make the dinner, I'm tired, I'm busy with other important things, maybe just plain 'I can't be bothered'. I feel disappointed with myself many times because I can indeed feel the Spirit's nudging me to open my heart's door to the Lord, but I make silly excuses. Shame on me! 

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Do you ever feel weary in well-doing? You really and truly do love the Lord but sometimes it seems like such an effort to serve Him. We get so caught up in our comforts and safety zone that we'd rather not have to get up and move out into the unknown to serve the Lord. How many times have you been asked to give your testimony and you've declined? Have you been asked to speak at a children's meeting, but you've made excuses as to why you couldn't do it? Have you felt that disappointing shame deep down in your soul for letting the Lord down?

If so, ask Him for a fresh cleansing in the blood of the Lamb and pray that He will give you another opportunity to serve Him. Ask Him for the grace and strength to be given to you to carry out whatever task He gives you. Pray that He will give you the physical, emotional and spiritual strength to be the Christian that you should be for Him. If Christ is your beloved, then nothing should be too much of an effort when it's for Him.

Hugs, Karen x

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