Thursday, 13 August 2015

Song of Solomon 4:1-5 ♥ The bride is praised ♥

Good morning girls!
Today's thoughts are a bit shorter.

Here we read about how the beloved feels about the bride. He praises her for her:

  • gentleness - "thou hast doves' eyes". As we said before, the dove is described in Scripture as a gentle bird. Matthew 10:16 tells the Christian to be as wise as serpents but harmless as a dove. There is no malice in the dove like there is in a bird like a vulture. We are to be gentle Christians.
  • purity - he describes her teeth as sheep that have just come through a process of cleansing. As Christians we are to be pure and spotless, living clean and godly lives. Our hearts and souls have been washed and cleansed white as snow in the blood of the Lamb, and so must our lives show this cleanness on the outside too. We are not to be like the Pharisees who were white on the outside but rotten on the inside. It is a matter of having our hearts right first.
  • fruitfulness - "none is barren among them". As Christians we are to live fruitful lives for the Lord. Whatever we can do to serve Him and bring forth fruits of righteousness, we should do.
  • kindness - "thy speech is comely". Comely means pleasant, good, attractive. Can this be said of your speech? Be honest. If this is not you, then ask the Lord to give you a 'comely' talk and use it to praise His holy name and do good for Him.
  • strength - verse 4 talks about her stately and strong neck. Our strength is in the Lord and we can hold our heads high in the face of persecution from the devil when we name the name of Christ.
  • vitality - "two young roes" speaks of health, vigour and life. Oh that our service for Christ would be full of life, doing what we can to honour His name with joy and eagerness.
I hope these few thoughts encourage your heart today.

Hugs, Karen x

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