Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Song of Solomon 3:6-11 ♥ A majestic entrance ♥

Good morning girls! Here we are, half way through another week already! Where does the time go?

Today our reading is all about the majestic and wealthy entrance of Solomon, as he comes to seek a bride. Verse 10 says that the midst of his bed is "paved with love, for the daughters of Jerusalem". Not knowing the customs of those times, it is hard to know what this means, but in my mind I have the idea that it might have been like the children's story of Cinderella, where the prince came to town, held a ball with the intention of finding the perfect bride. It's also a bit like Ahasuerus when he sought out a new wife. All the young virgins had to be brought into the palace, pampered and preened for a very long time until they were at their very best and then brought into his presence for him to choose who he liked the best.

In verse 11, the shepherdess seems to be totally disinterested in king Solomon and she tells the daughters of Jerusalem, the other eligible young ladies, to go and see him and see if perhaps they were to be the next queen. We haven't read this yet but a few chapters ahead (6:9) we discover that Solomon already had 60 queens, 80 concubines and countless other young virgins and we know that in later times these numbers go into the hundreds. So this shepherdess was not that special to him. Perhaps it was a case of him only wanting her because he couldn't really have her. Anyway, she wasn't in the slightest bothered about him because she already had the love of her life who loved her in the exact same way. She had eyes for no one but her beloved.

When we look around us at the wealth and riches and (temporal) beauty of this world, do we feel drawn away from Christ towards these things? Are we tempted to love 'things' more than Christ? Or is there nothing that could take us away from Him and His love? If the latter is the case, rejoice, for that is wonderful...and rare! We need to keep so close to the Lord Jesus Christ that He is all we could ever need. Once we let our hearts be drawn away towards other things, we lose that close intimacy with Him and then we begin to think that perhaps we could live easily without Him. But this would be a fatal error on our part. No one and nothing can satisfy the way that the Lord can. He should be our all in all. Pray that this remains the case and if it isn't like this for you just now, ask the Lord to draw you into a closer and deeper relationship with Himself.

Hugs, Karen x

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