Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Song of Solomon 3:1-5 ♥ I held Him and would not let Him go ♥

Good morning girls! Do you feel that you are getting to grips better with this book now? I think it definitely helps to see who the characters are, when they speak and who they're speaking about.

Thinking about these verses it seems clear to me that the beloved cannot be Solomon the king because the bride goes out into the city streets and further afield in her search of her beloved. If the beloved was indeed Solomon, surely the watchmen would've sent her in the direction of the palace where the king lived. He would not have been in the streets or further outside the city, in the fields and mountains.

The bride is pretty desperate here, isn't she? I think she has either been thinking about her beloved or dreaming about him and he has been much on her mind and she feels desperate to see him. But he is nowhere to be found. So she gets up out of bed to go and look for him. Can't you just imagine the scene of this young woman running through the streets of the city, calling out her beloved's name but not being able to find him? How awful for her. I think it would be a similar situation if you were out somewhere and your child got lost from you. You would run all around the place, searching, calling, probably even crying. At first it seems as if the child is completely lost, but then you see him in the distance and you run to him, calling his name the whole time and you grab a hold of him and cuddle him and hug him as if you're afraid to ever let him go again. I think this is what it was quite like for the shepherdess. In a spiritual way, is this how you feel about the Lord? Do you miss Him when you're not in communion with Him? Do you wish you could just sit down, read His Word and talk to Him? Or are you indifferent? Maybe you don't even realise that you haven't been talking to Him for a while and His presence is not near to you?

Pray that the Lord will always be the one your heart yearns for and needs, above everything else. Ask Him to keep you close to Him at all times. Seek Him with all of your heart and He promises in His Word that He will be found.

Hugs, Karen x

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