Thursday, 6 August 2015

Song of Solomon 2:1-7

Hi girls! Hope you are well today.

I think I'm getting into the swing of this book a bit more easily now (although there are quite a few times when I'm not sure who is speaking). But as long as we continue to see Christ as the beloved Bridegroom who loves and adores His Bride, the Church, which in fact includes you and me!!!

Verse 2. The lily is a flower that is generally thought of as white and beautiful. In this verse the lily is described by the bridegroom as being "among thorns". Isn't this so true? As Christians, we have been washed and cleansed in the blood of Christ and now we stand before our heavenly Father, white and beautiful, redeemed by His dear Son. But we are still in the world, even though we are no longer "of the world", and we live among thorns. Thorns are sharp and piercing and can hurt us. Have you ever seen the thorns that were used in Israel to create the crown that was placed on Jesus' head at the crucifixion? They are huge. So, yes we are indeed saved and serving the Lord, but very often we are hurt and scarred by the piercings that come from those around us.

Verse 3. This is a lovely picture of Christ as He protects, provides for and pleases His people.

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In this verse, the bride takes her rest under the apple tree (imagine that's you, sitting down in the presence of the Lord with your Bible and journal!) and she is blessed abundantly "with great delight". Is it your delight and joy to come into God's presence? The branches of these apple trees can stretch out quite far and they can protect the person underneath from the sun. As well as that, there is fruit for the taking. God provides us with His blessed Holy Spirit, who sustains us and gives us fruit to help us grow in grace day by day. Do you ask the Lord to give you the fruit of His Spirit so that you can be a daily witness for Him? Does your life (and mine) reveal "love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance..."? In verse 3, the bride says that "his fruit was sweet to my taste." When we read God's Word, it should be sweet to our taste. We should find everything to satisfy us within its holy pages. Psalm 34:8 reminds us to "taste and see that the Lord is good." Has it been a while since you have sat down with God and His Word and prayed in the Spirit to be blessed? If so, come back to Him now and renew your fellowship with Him once again. And when you do, when any of us come into God's banqueting house, we will know His love surrounding us; we will be assured of His deep love and tenderness towards us.
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Verse 6. This verse speaks to me of 'support' and 'tenderness'. Can't you just imagine the Lord holding you up, particularly if you are feeling weary and in need of reviving? Remember the time when John, the beloved disciple, was at the last supper with Christ and the other disciples, and he lay on Jesus' breast. He obviously wanted to be close to Christ but perhaps he was also weary. In times of weariness we need to draw close to Christ and He will support us and hold us up. 
"His right hand doth embrace me". This speaks to me of our heavenly Father's tenderness towards us. He soothes us and makes us aware of His great love for us. He holds us close to Himself. We are safe in His gentle care. I pray tonight, that if you are feeling alone and un-cared for, you will run to His embrace. Read His Word, talk to Him, listen for His voice speaking to you and then you will see that His banner over you is LOVE!

Hugs, Karen x

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