Monday, 3 August 2015

Song of Solomon 1:1-6

Good evening girls! Hope your day is going well so far and you are drawing closer to the Lord day by day.

If we take the interpretation, as we said yesterday, in the same way as Dr Brian Green then we will see in these verses that the bride cries out for her bridegroom in verse 2. No other love compares to theirs. She wants to be with him, be close to him and be safe in his embrace. I think the virgins referred to here in verse 3 are the same as the ones we read about on a previous occasion here when we studied the wise and foolish virgins. The bride's companions see the great worth of this bridegroom and are in awe of him.

It looks like verse 4 may reveal a hard time for this young woman. She is already engaged to be married to her bridegroom, the shepherd, but the king (Solomon) wants to have her as his own bride and he brings her into his palace with the hope of securing her as his wife. But this brave young woman is not in the least bit interested in him. Her heart belongs to another and she wants to be near to him. Her thoughts are settled upon him and nothing can change her mind about that.

I admit, I find verses 5 and 6 difficult. Since this is the love story between God and His church, it could well mean, as Matthew Henry comments, that, although the bride is black (with sin) she is still beautiful (comely) in God's eyes because He has such love for her and sees her in her blessed redeemed state.

Obviously this young woman is a hard worker. She doesn't sound as though she is used to the finery of palaces and being indoors and treated with pampering. She seems to be outside in the open air, under the hot sun of the day, toiling and working. She seems to have been punished by her siblings for some reason; they were angry with her and made her work in the vineyards but she didn't have time to look after her own. Is this a case of being so busy running about doing things for other people that we neglect to look after ourselves? Our health, our body, our mind and especially our soul?

Remember the words of verse 2, "Thy love is better than wine". Wine is something that the world loves and turns to for comfort in times of trouble. This woman seems to be in trouble right from the very start of this story, but she wisely knows that there isn't the comfort in wine that she would get from being loved and cared for by her beloved. Let us place our hearts and love upon the only One who can give us the love and satisfaction that we need. Nothing else in this world can compare to the love of our Saviour!

Hugs, Karen x

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