Monday, 27 July 2015

Proverbs 31 ♥ Is his heart safe with you? ♥

Good evening, girls! I'm just popping in with a thought or two on these first verses in Proverbs 31. Remember we are doing a more in-depth study in this chapter for the whole of this week. Here is the plan for this week's readings. Hope you can follow along.

Proverbs 31 Bible Reading Plan
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The verses that challenged me most in these first 14 are verses 11 and 12.
Many commentators say that this king Lemuel is in fact another name for Solomon, which means his mother is Bathsheba, who taught him these things.

The king says in verse 11 that the virtuous, or godly, woman lives in such a way that her husband's heart safely trusts in her. Our husband has enough to worry about in this world without us making things more difficult for him. When your husband goes out to work in the morning, does he go knowing that you love him with all your heart and that you would never intentionally do anything to cause him hurt or pain? His love for you, his emotions and feelings, are all wrapped up in his heart and he leaves it in your care, so "is it safe"? Do you belittle him in front of others or do you try to build him up and speak highly of him? If you go out anytime without your husband, is he sure that you are going where you say you're going and with who you've told him you're going with? Or is your life one which might cause him to have doubts and suspicions? Do you always tell him the truth? Are you open and honest with him about every aspect of your life?
What about your mobile phone? Do you have the numbers of other men on your phone, when it is unnecessary to have them? Would you be happy for your husband to lift your phone at any time and read through your messages?
Can he leave his heart safely in your care?

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Verse 12 goes on to say that the virtuous (not perfect) and Christ-serving woman will do her husband good and not evil all the days of her life. Are you in competition with your husband in any way? Do you always put him first and try to be selfless when it comes to helping him and being there for him? Would you ever try to deceive him? When a man and a woman marry, in God's order of things, they become one flesh which means that if you fight with or hurt your husband, then in the end you are only hurting yourself. You are also bringing shame to the Lord's name.
Could you look for ways each day, even in tiny things, to do good to your husband? Even if it's just making him a cuppa after a long hard day at work. Or giving up something you want to do to do what he wants. Even just telling him how much you love him and how special he is. 

It's so important in this evil world, when so many attacks from the world and the devil can come against your husband, that he knows without a doubt that his one place of safety and surety is with you. As husband and wife, you should be each other's best friend. No one should be closer to you than your husband and vice versa. You should have no secrets (unless, of course, he's organising a surprise for your birthday or anniversary!!). 

Do him good and let him know his heart is safe with you.

Hugs, Karen x 

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