Friday, 24 July 2015

Proverbs 30 ♥ Have I enough? ♥

Good afternoon girls! Hope you are well. With being off work for the summer, I've lost track of what day it is but for those of you who are still at work, I'm sure you're glad it's Friday again!

There were a lot of verses I could focus on in this chapter but the ones that really jumped out at me were verses 8 and 9. This man Agur (we're not sure who he was but he seems to have been a wise man who taught and instructed others e.g. Ithiel and Ucal) was perhaps near the end of his life and he had two things on his bucket list that he really wanted!

Firstly, he wanted to have nothing to do with VANITY and LIES. He obviously hated them with a passion for he said he wanted them to be removed far from him. Is that how we feel about these particular sins? At times, we can indeed become quite vain and think more highly of ourselves than we ought to. We are no better than anyone else, we're all just sinners, some saved by grace, others not. But we have all been born in sin and therefore we have no reason to think we're something special. And what about lies? Are there times when we tell outright black lies to cover up some fault of ours, instead of owning up to our responsibilities and dealing with them head on? Perhaps you find yourself only telling the part of the story that suits you because you know people will be more sympathetic to you, but if they knew the whole truth they might not be so keen to support you.

Secondly, Agur said he didn't want to be rich neither did he want to be poor. He wisely wanted just enough to do him. There is only so much money a person can spend and any of us who watch the news and see what happens in the lives of the rich and famous, know well that too much money is not healthy. It most certainly doesn't lead to contentment. If it did, why do so many famous people resort to drink, drugs and other addictions to satisfy an empty need inside? Agur says here that he knows that if he was rich, he would pride himself in being self-sufficient and not reliant upon God. He would proudly turn his back on God saying he didn't need Him. However, he also admits that if he didn't have enough money, he could easily be tempted to turn to a life of crime and blasphemy in order to get what he needed (instead of trusting the Lord to supply his need for him).

We should follow Agur's example and try to be satisfied with whatever the Lord has blessed us with. Ask the Lord, if you are struggling financially, to supply your every need which He has promised to do in Phil 4:19. If you feel that you have more than you need, ask the Lord to help you use your money wisely, perhaps by using it more to support the Lord's work. You will never give to the Lord without being blessed in return (maybe not financially, but certainly with a peace the world couldn't give you).

Have a good weekend.
Hugs, Karen x

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