Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Proverbs 28 ♥ The walk of the wise ♥

Good evening girls! Here we are, we have reached Proverbs chapter 28! Can you believe it?

Tonight I'd like to think about our daily walk, how we live our life on a daily basis as a Christian woman. There are three mentions in this chapter about a good, wise and upright walk and the blessings that follow such a walk.

Remember as you read that these are God's special words to our heart. Even though they were written down by Solomon and said by Solomon to his own son, they were breathed into him by God the Holy Spirit. Pray over the words. Ask the Lord to open your heart to receive His Word to you tonight, even though it may be a word of challenge or discipline. It could indeed be a word of comfort or encouragement. Whatever God has to say to you, accept it and respond in a way that will glorify His holy Name.

Verse 6 talks about the person who doesn't have much of this world's riches but who lives every day of his or her life trying to serve and please the Lord. Is this you? Maybe you don't have a job outside the home because you are a full-time mum and homemaker, and you struggle financially at times BUT you live for the Lord. You serve Him when you can; you honour His Name. God is more pleased and glorified by you than He is by the person who has loads of money BUT lives for himself or herself. Money and riches is not as important to God as it is to man; grace, love and righteousness are the things that matter to Him. Remember the person who has a lot of wealth doesn't always have any more room in their heart for anything else, including God. But the person who has little in the way of riches needs the Lord's help and they have plenty of room in their heart for a Saviour and Lord to dwell in. Who would you rather be in the eyes of the Lord?

Verse 18 says that the person who walks uprightly shall be saved. This probably refers more to the ongoing work of being redeemed from the clutches of the devil on a daily basis, than to the once only act of salvation. I imagine (check this out for yourself, this is just my humble opinion) that it is a reference to the sanctification that Christians are aiming for every day that they live. Once we are saved by accepting Christ into our heart as the only Saviour from sin, then each day from then on is when we seek to live to glorify God. We want to live in a way that is totally pleasing to Him - in the words we say, the things we do, the places we go, in every way. And so, when we live uprightly, we will be a target for the devil's attacks (hence the need to put on the armour of God); when Satan sets his sights on us, we can call upon the Lord to help us, guard us and save us from these attacks. Aren't you glad that you have someone who loves you who can actually do something to help you in your time of need? Imagine if you tried to get through this difficult life on your own steam. It would be hard, in fact pretty impossible.

Verse 26 gives us more comfort in the fact that when we live and walk wisely (obviously by following God's Word, which is the Christian's rule of faith and practice) God will deliver us. Remember in the Lord's Prayer when Christ prayed "Deliver us from evil"? We need to be delivered from giving in to the temptation of sin on a daily basis, we need to be delivered from our own fleshly lusts and desires, we need to be delivered from the attacks of the devil, of the world and of other people. There is evil all around us, wherever we look, BUT the wonderful promise is that God will deliver us! In church recently, we have been hearing sermons about Saul the first king of Israel and of course, much has been said about his sinful jealousy of the godly young man David. Saul tried to attack and kill David on many occasions, but what did David do in response? 1 Samuel 18:5, David "behaved himself wisely" and was given promotion. 1 Samuel 18:14, again David behaved himself wisely, and he was assured of God's presence. In 1 Samuel 18:15, when Saul, David's self-made enemy, saw that David behaved himself VERY wisely, he was afraid of David. Saul knew that the Lord was with David and that He was protecting him and also that he was so loved by the people, and this caused him to fear David. He knew he was no match for the Lord's protection (even though he still kept trying to destroy David) so please be assured and be confident in knowing that when you live and walk and behave wisely, the Lord will deliver you in the same way that He delivered David, on many, many occasions!

Hope this helps to encourage your heart tonight, whatever your present needs might be.

Hugs, Karen x

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