Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Proverbs 27 ♥ Staying out of trouble ♥

Good evening girls! I hope you are well today and trusting in the Lord for all your needs!

As you can see from the title of this blog post, I'm focusing on verse 12 tonight. It's referring to the wise man (or indeed, woman) who sees when trouble is brewing and how they react. Do you ever, perhaps in work, find yourself in a situation where you can see there is a conflict of personality or people with differing views and you know that, unless handled properly, things won't end well. What is the first thing you do? Do you run over and ask what's going on to get the juicy details? Do you speak to one of the people involved and then another and another, until you've got three versions of the same story, which you then proceed to spread to others or at the least make some sort of judgment based on your knowledge?

Or, on the other hand, perhaps you, like the wise person in verse 12, see this is going to end badly and so you 'hide yourself'. Sometimes this means literally and other times it means symbolically. I have seen myself having to leave the room in work when I can see tempers fraying and undercurrents of feelings - that's hiding yourself. I've also had to put my earphones in to listen to music so as to 'hide myself' from certain conversations; yes, I'm still in the room but I'm distancing myself from what's going on. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep out of things, can't it? We all like to know what's going on and we certainly can get sucked into things that aren't our business, but if we really want to stay out of trouble, we shouldn't run voluntarily headlong into it.

Then of course, there are times when you feel like a 'trouble magnet' when, even though you make sure that you keep out of any conflict that has arisen, you still manage to get dragged into it. You try to live your life quietly and peacefully but still someone will try and draw you into something. It might be as the target of their jealousy (and who can stand in the presence of a jealous person, verse 4?) or it might be when someone tries to use you and get you on their side. I think the key lesson is that as long as you stay well clear of conflict and trouble as far as humanly possible, you are doing the wise thing. Ask the Lord to help you to be wise at all times and to keep you from the snare of the devil as he tries to trap you into something. Keep close to your Saviour and be in constant communion with Him so that He can lead and guide you in the right path. Do all in your power to stay away from trouble and the Lord will help you, no matter what happens.

Keep mouth shut stay out of trouble

Hugs, Karen x

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