Monday, 29 June 2015

Proverbs 11-15 ♥ Think about your words ♥

Good evening girls (and boys!). I'm sorry for being absent last week but I was busy busy and didn't get a chance to get blogging, but I'm sure you managed to keep up by yourself ☺. I must admit I have missed being in touch with you all through the blog.

This week we are in Proverbs 11 to 15. There is so much to glean from these chapters and verses; it may be a little overwhelming for you, trying to take in every verse and live it out in your life. I'm sure the Lord knows that we are a work in progress, meaning that we will probably not be able to put everything in this book into practice at once but will only be able to change a few things at a time, as we reach forward to becoming more like Christ, leaving the sinful things in our lives further and further behind. Our Lord just wants us to become more like His dear Son, and this won't happen overnight, but it will please Him well when He sees us trying to make changes and trying to live more and more according to His Word.

Here is our memory verse for this week, something each and every one of us can learn from. Also below is our reading plan for the week.

So let's get started and take an overview of Proverbs 11. I was thinking that it might be an idea to add a few questions for us to consider and apply to our own individual situations. (Remember, where you see the word 'man' it generally refers to humankind, therefore it also means woman).

Bible Coloring Chart Bookmark 2I don't know how you have marked your Bible (if you have at all), but if you have and are following Courtney's Bible Colouring Chart you might well notice a pattern - lots of blue and green (wisdom and righteousness) as well as an equal amount of brown (sin and wickedness).

We can see where God points out to us various opposites:

  • Verse 1. Cheating and honesty (especially in business)
  • Verse 2. Pride and humility
  • Verse 21. Punishment and deliverance
  • Verse 26. Greed = cursing; generosity = blessing
We know that Solomon was the wisest man to have ever lived, but wouldn't it be wonderful to have even a small percentage of his wisdom? Especially in the realm of our words. What we say can be so terribly destructive, both to ourselves and to others. Everyone suffers when the wrong words leave our mouths. Do you ever feel that you've said something and have really regretted it later? Who hasn't? But the good thing is that we are aware of it and try to make changes. That's progress and that pleases the Lord.

Look at these verses and consider honestly what they are saying and what they mean to you (don't worry, I'm included in this too!):
  • Verse 9. Who destroys his neighbour (i.e. another person) and how does he do it?
  • Verse 11. How is the city overthrown?
Do you see the common denominator here? 

But thankfully, it's not all bad news! Verses 12 and 13 refer to wise people whose example we should follow. What does the man of understanding do? Yep, he says nothing. Remember when Herod was throwing all sorts of accusations at Christ, all false of course, He held His peace; He said nothing (regardless of how He felt). For some reason, when we are angry, we feel that the best form of attack or defense is to say the first thing that comes into our head. But God tells us this is absolutely not the right course of action. Stay quiet, ask God for the grace to do so, leave the situation, let God deal with it...anything but answer in anger. 

Verse 13. If we have a faithful spirit, it means we are trustworthy and keep confidences. Do people know that if they tell you something and ask it to be kept to yourself, that you will honour this and not betray their confidence? If not, what can you do to change this?

Thanks for visiting today. I hope you have a good week and that the Lord blesses you abundantly, more than you could even ask or think!

Hugs, Karen x

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