Friday, 29 May 2015

Psalms 2 & 3

Good evening girls! Yay, it's Friday again! It's still not quite summer here yet but here's hoping!!

Isn't Psalm 2 very encouraging? Right from early times people, including those in authority, have made little of God and have tried to set themselves up against Him. It's still happening today. Un-biblical laws are being passed, restrictions are being put on those who love the Lord and many others are being persecuted for their faith. People also believe that because God hasn't dealt with them, then He mustn't really see what's going on or even care. People sadly mistake God's patience and longsuffering with them as indifference. Instead, if they could only see that He is watching all the actions and deeds of every man and woman and is taking note of them, they would quickly run to Him for salvation. He is giving them time to come to Him for salvation, but instead, they use this precious time to turn more and more against Him. Verse 12 especially gives out a warning for those who despise God and His Word, including 'kings' and 'judges' (people who have the authority to make laws and to implement them) - they too must make sure they are ready to meet the King of all kings and the Judge of all the earth, before whom they will one day stand themselves.
And what a cause for rejoicing at the end of this Psalm! Very simply, there is happiness, contentment and peace for ALL those who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Psalm 3 is straight from David's heart to his God. He had to leave his throne when his son Absalom turned against him and turned other people against his dad too. David sure didn't have it easy. No Christian does. Each one of us has her own difficulties, worries and trials. In only verses 2 and 3, David tells the Lord all about his troubles and his situation, but then he goes on to praise God for being the only One who can help him in his time of need. David knows that he can bring his worries to his heavenly Father who will look after him. 
Verse 4. David prayed from a broken heart and was assured that God heard him. Result? Verse 5, he went and laid himself down and had a good night's rest. Not in a royal bed in an opulent palace with servants at his beck and call; but more likely in a cave somewhere, with a few supporters and only a stone for a pillow...but he was able to sleep and awake the next day safe and sound, unafraid of what lay ahead - because he left his worries and troubles with the Lord. God 'sustained ' him and carried him through to another day. 
I trust and pray that, if you are going through some terrible trial or difficulty just now, you will be able to leave it in the Lord's hands, knowing He WILL see you through. He will sustain and uphold you. No matter what the trial is, He will be there with you all the way!

Prayer matters:
♥   Pray that the Lord will help you to leave your concerns with Him, knowing that there's nothing you can do to change matters anyway that but He can do the impossible.
♥   Praise Him for taking care of you and for being the wonderful God and Father that He is; we have so much to thank Him for!

Have a good weekend!
Hugs, Karen x

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