Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Leviticus 26 and 27

Good morning girls! Hope you are all well today. If not and you are feeling the stresses and emotional turmoil that life can sometimes throw at us, I hope you can take comfort from the words of our memory verse this week from Leviticus 26:6 (on the right), words spoken from the Lord Himself.

Let's look at chapter 26 first. There are loads of lessons here for the Christian, but in particular God is teaching us that if we obey Him and His Word, there are abundant blessings to be had. However, if we choose to disregard God's Word and despise His teachings then there will be severe consequences. We understand that when we are bringing up children we are there to help them to learn and to guide them into making right choices. We also know that if they were allowed to do their own thing, they would fall into all sorts of danger and calamities, because they don't have the wisdom or foresight to see the big picture; so of course we have to put restrictions on them for their own good. We expect our children to be obedient to us too. It is similar with God and us. He knows the pitfalls that are waiting to happen if we choose our own path. He also loves us very much and wants us to enjoy His rich blessings which He has in store for us. It's like coming to a crossroads where the sign says, "Left - my choice = danger" and "Right - God's way = blessing". What should be the obvious choice? But do we take it? No! That would be too simple. We would rather learn the hard way and take our own path and end up in all sorts of trouble.

Verses 4-12 tell us how to have God's blessing. If we obey His teachings, He promises that we will have:

Victory over our enemies
Harmony with God
God's loving presence
Fellowship with Him

However, on the other side of the coin, as a result of disobedience, we can expect:

Sickness and disease
Attacks and defeat in battle by our enemies
Increased punishment if there is continued disobedience
Being humbled and brought low
Barrenness in the land
Attacks by wild animals (in today's culture this could be from anywhere, including vicious people who hate Christians)
Prayers not being heard
Being separated from other Christians

So why, why, why, when we know there will always be consequences to sin and disobedience, do we still insist on going our own way?

BUT the good news is this! God loves us with an everlasting love! He made a covenant away back at the beginning of time with Jacob, Isaac and Abraham and He has promised that, even though He has to punish sin and deal with our disobedience, He will never cast us off completely. If we are truly saved, our relationship with God can never be broken. It may not be on good terms at times, through our own fault, but it is always intact. He will always be our heavenly Father and we will always be His blood-bought children. Verses 40 and 41 tell us that we just have to repent and humbly accept our chastisement and our relationship with God will be as it used to be when we walked in obedience. I'm so glad that our God is a forgiving God, one who will never cast us off completely. He is the God of second chances.

Prayer matters:
♥   Pray that the Lord will help you to always be obedient to His Word
♥   Ask Him to help you to have a humble and teachable spirit

Hugs, Karen x 

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  1. Thank you Karen for this message to my heart and needed reminders in it. Xx