Friday, 15 May 2015

Leviticus 20: We are a separated people

Good evening girls!
Can you believe we have just come to the end of week 4 in Leviticus and we only have 7 more studies in this book? It seems like only yesterday we started this book.

God makes it very clear in this chapter that He is definitely not happy with immorality, especially that which is practised by His own people. Why? Because if we say that we belong to God, and people know that He is holy, then we bring shame to His name if we behave in a sinful way. It's as if we do not even believe He is holy or that we do not have enough reverence for His name.

God knows that the people of all the different nations were involved in all sorts of sinful behaviours and that is why He so often warned His people against getting caught up in these things. He knew He would have to punish this sin and that also meant punishing His people when they disobeyed His commands. He calls for His people to "sanctify" themselves, and to "be holy"; He reminds them that they needed to keep His statutes and do them.

In verse 23 it says,
"Ye shall not walk in the manner of the nation (ie the Canaanites, who were very wicked and had no time for the God of Israel), which I cast out before you: for they committed all these things, and therefore I abhorred them".
God loves only what is good, lovely, pure and sinless; He hates evil, wickedness and perverseness. YET, in spite of all this, He STILL loves us. That is why He warns us not to get involved in doing the works of the devil and his followers. If the world loves something and thinks it's great, then it's very likely God doesn't. We go with what God says, not what the world says. This list of sins and crimes that are seen in verses 9 to 21 are all to do with immorality and sexual deviance. The Canaanites were involved in every one of them and God tells his people to keep far from them.

So, in our case today, that means, because the world loves drinking and drugs, we are to stay clear of them...completely. There should be no such thing as a wee social drink for the Christian. We need to be different from the world's standards and as verses 24 and 26 say, we have been separated from the world, severed even, so that people know there is a difference between the Christian and the unsaved. Or at least they should know. Can people tell that there is a difference between you and the world by your life? Do you live in such a way that others will know that we are His? Or is your holiness kept solely for Sundays when you put on your Sunday outfit AND your Sunday persona? If you do this the only person you are fooling is yourself, because God certainly sees and hears you wherever you are. Other people are not stupid either. The unsaved know a genuine Christian from one who is pretending to be one because, believe me, they are watching and listening. They will know, if you SAY you're a Christian, whether or not you're genuine. I remember seeing this quote which is very true:

Prayer matters:
♥   Pray that the Lord will help you to confess to Him any immorality in your life; get it under the blood
♥   Ask Him to help you to be a completely genuine Christian, not one just for show
♥   Ask Him to make any sins clear to you that you may not even be aware of so that you can confess them too

  1. Search me, O God, and know my heart today,
    Try me, O Savior, know my thoughts, I pray;
    See if there be some wicked way in me;
    Cleanse me from every sin, and set me free.
  2. I praise Thee, Lord, for cleansing me from sin;
    Fulfill Thy word and make me pure within;
    Fill me with fire, where once I burned with shame;
    Grant my desire to magnify Thy name.
  3. Lord, take my life, and make it wholly Thine;
    Fill my poor heart with Thy great love divine;
    Take all my will, my passion, self and pride;
    I now surrender, Lord, in me abide.
  4. O Holy Ghost, revival comes from Thee;
    Send a revival, start the work in me;
    Thy Word declares Thou wilt supply our need;
    For blessings now, O Lord, I humbly plead.

Hugs, Karen x

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