Thursday, 14 May 2015

Leviticus 19: "I am the Lord" - our motivation to be holy

Good evening girls! Sorry for not getting this posted sooner but I got here in the end!

Remember as we read these chapters and verses that the instructions contained in them are as practical and important to us as they were in Old Testament times because then, they were given to God's people, the Israelites and now they are given to us, His redeemed people. Sixteen times in this chapter we read that the Lord is our God, meaning that He is the LORD God Jehovah, the only true God who we should be serving. He tells us that we are to be holy and the reason is that He is holy. We are His children and we are to be like Him. He has certain standards for us and we must, with His help and grace, endeavour to live as best we can for Him.

People say that the Bible is not relevant to everyday life and how could there be anything in it about the 21st century when it was written hundreds of years ago. Having just read chapter 19, I am more convinced than ever that God's Word is right up to date and has something to say about every topic we could think of. As we go through all of these laws that God has put in place for a decent, orderly and safe society, just look and see how many of these are blatantly disregarded and disobeyed by men, women and young people and even by those in government who should be following them to make our world a safe place to live in. The result is the chaotic, dangerous and sinful world that we have all come to know.

Verses 9 & 10. God makes provision for all people, including the poor, but there are those who are greedy and want everything for themselves. As Christians we are not to be like this.

Verse 11. As Christians we must not steal, cheat or lie especially in our dealings with each other.

Verse 12. God's name must be kept holy, honoured and reverenced.

Verse 13. We must not short-change anyone and should always pay people what we owe them straightaway.

Verse 14. We are to treat disabled people with respect and kindness.

Verse 15. We are to judge wisely in situations so as not to give preferential treatment to those who are well-off or in a high position nor are we treat unfairly those who are less advantaged. We are all sinners and we should be fair in our dealings with people regardless of who they are or what they have.

Verse 16. We are not to go from one person to another bearing stories and tales about someone else.

Verse 17. We are to have a genuine love and compassion for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Verse 18. God does not want us to bear a grudge towards, or wish to get our own back on, another brother or sister in Christ who has done us harm.

Verse 19. We are to maintain the decency and order in all things as God created them to be.

Verse 26. We are not to be involved with horoscopes, tarots or fortune-tellers.

Verse 28. We are not to get tattoos.

Verse 30. We are to keep God's day as holy and treat the house of God with reverence.

Verse 32. We are to respect our senior citizens.

Verse 33. We are not to upset or hurt those who are strangers (those from other lands ie racism) in our country.

Verses 35 & 36. We are to be fair and honest in all things, especially in business.

If you have failed in any ONE of these things (and unless you're perfect, which no one is) you are a sinner in need of God's forgiveness and grace. I can see more than one where I have failed and let the Lord down at one time or another throughout my life. I'm so glad that I can become a better citizen and Christian by following God's good guidelines and by confessing my sin to Him and receiving His forgiveness. None of these laws are put in place to cause anyone restriction or harm, they are all for our own good. The wise person will recognize this and thank God for them.

Prayer matters:
♥   If you have done anything that is against God's law today, ask Him to cleanse you and forgive you and help you to live a better life tomorrow than the one you lived today. I read somewhere that the only person we need to be better than is the one we were yesterday!
♥   Ask the Lord to give you the desire to be holy like Him 
♥   Pray that the members of the government of your country will see the benefit in following the laws that God has laid out for us and also that there will be Christians in that government whose desire it is to see righteousness prevail

Hugs, Karen x

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