Friday, 8 May 2015

Leviticus 15: The necessity of cleansing

Hi there, girls!
Well, this was a difficult chapter, wasn't it? I checked out a sermon (first preached 43 years ago and just as relevant today) that I found online about this chapter to get some hints about how to approach it and came up with the following lessons:

♥   The main thoughts here are that God wants us to be clean, not unclean and that He is holy and He requires us to be holy too

♥   We continually read about blood being shed in sacrifice and offerings. No matter what our sin is or how we have been defiled, we need to be cleansed in the blood of our dear Saviour.

♥   We also read about cleansing by water; the person who is unclean must wash thoroughly. The lesson is that the water represents the Word of God and it is through applying the Word to our hearts and minds that we have our conscience cleansed and where we learn where and how we have gone wrong and how to get back on track with God.

♥   The term 'unclean' generally means, in a spiritual sense, that we are 'out of fellowship' with God, that our communion with Him has been temporarily broken (but never severed) because of our unholy thoughts, words and deeds.

♥   Verse 31 talks about 'defiling God's tabernacle'. As well as the place where God met with His people, we also refer to our body as the tabernacle of the holy Spirit, the place where the Spirit dwells while we are here on earth waiting for Christ to return. He is our Comforter and He lives within us when we are the children of God. We are simply to live in such a holy way that we do not defile our body and harm the blessing and communion we have with God. We need to be careful what comes out of our lips, what we do with our hands, how we use our faculties, remembering the words of Christ in Mark 7:20, "And He said, That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man."

Sin is a dreadful thing. It puts up a wall of separation between us and God which only Christ can break down. We need to be careful of our Christian walk and talk. Make sure that we remain clean and useful for God.

Prayer matters:
♥   Pray that the Lord will help you to live a holy life for Him
♥   Ask Him to make you aware of any sin you have done and get it cleansed immediately
♥   Pray that He will help you to be careful how you speak, think and act - do all for His glory

Hugs, Karen x

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