Thursday, 7 May 2015

Leviticus 14: The vileness of sin

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Today we are in Leviticus 14, halfway through the book. Well done if you've been trying to keep up. It's been a hard old journey, I know, but don't you think there have been quite a lot of interesting lessons that we can apply to our own hearts and lives? I feel, personally, that reading and studying this book has definitely helped me to be more clear on God's view of sin and also on the work of the Lord Jesus Christ as our High Priest.

It is this view of God regarding sin that I'm looking at today. I think that we all have no idea of the seriousness or absolute vileness of sin in God's eyes. Obviously as Christians we are more aware and more accepting of it, but most certainly those who still practise sin on a daily basis with no thought of how God feels about it, surely cannot understand the depth of depravity that sin leads people into.

God is so holy that he cannot even look upon sin; it was for this very reason that, when Christ died on the cross, His Father couldn't even look upon His own beloved Son and Christ cried out in anguish "My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?" The Lord Jesus felt the awful distance there was between a holy God and the burden of sin that He carried for us. I imagine this turning of God the Father away from God the Son was the worst possible punishment He could have faced, much worse than any pain inflicted upon Him by the soldiers or the mockery from His enemies, the scribes and Pharisees.

Sin is not just us doing something wrong and it has annoyed God. It is SO much more than that and we need to ask God to show us the utter terribleness of it. We need a renewed heart, soul and mind each day and we need to be cleansed in the atoning Blood of the Lord Jesus. It is only because of this blood being applied to our hearts that God can even look upon us. When we realise the absolute enormity of our sin, it should cause us to immediately run to the Saviour for cleansing and also to be filled with a dread of offending Him again.

In chapter 14 here, we understand the leper to be a picture of the sinner. He can do absolutely nothing for himself but is in the hands of a priest who has been instructed by God in the ritual of how to bring cleansing to the sufferer. Isn't it so clear to understand that, as sinners, we can do nothing to help ourselves but must yield ourselves to Christ, our great High Priest who alone knows how to and who is able to bring cleansing and healing to us? Don't you understand then why our good works are nothing but filthy in the sight of a holy God? Aren't you glad that God the Father made this wonderful provision for us to be cleansed from sin? All we need to do is simply accept His gracious offer of cleansing. This makes me wonder why people feel the need to do something to save themselves when it is so much easier just to have faith and believe in God. Can you imagine what would have happened if the leper had tried to bring offerings or tried to do something else to cleanse himself from his leprosy? Sure we read that he must be totally stripped (shaved even) of everything so that cleansing can take place fully. We must come to Christ without any good works of our own so that He can fully cleanse us. We also read that anything the leper touched (eg his clothes) was also infected. If we come to God bringing our own good works, they too are contaminated by our sin and not worth anything. We must come as we are, sinful but repentant, depending only upon Christ the sinless Saviour. This is the only way to be saved.

Read the story of Dr Bill Woods from Belfast who serves the Lord as a missionary and doctor in Brazil, helping those who suffer from leprosy
Prayer matters:
♥   Pray that the Lord will help us to see the enormity of our sin
♥   Having seen that sin, ask Him to help us to give it all over to the Lord Jesus Christ for cleansing
♥   Praise and thank God for making such a perfect provision of salvation, pure and holy as it is 

Hugs, Karen x

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