Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Leviticus 12: Childbirth and obedience

Good morning girls!
Did you have a good day off yesterday? The weather turned out quite good in the end, didn't it?

In Leviticus 12, we have moved slightly aside from all of the laws concerning sacrifices and moved into the area of practical living for God. Two things to always keep at the forefront of your mind when reading this book is (a) the sacrifices always point towards the ultimate sacrifice for sin, the Lord Jesus Christ and (b) any lessons we learn are to be done as the saved and holy people of the Lord. Remember, obeying these words from God is as a result of our salvation and desire to please Him. We will never gain salvation by trying to work our way into heaven. But when we do come to faith in Christ, we will want to live a holy life for God, to honour and please Him.
Pilot Frixion Light Soft Erasable HighlighterI have highlighted most of this chapter in pink as it relates to motherhood and childbearing. (By the way, for all you stationery geeks out there like me, here's my new 'pastel' highlighters!!).

Now we must not think, because a woman is in an unclean state for a certain length of time after her baby is born, that having children is a sin. Not at all! What we have to remember is that God is always drawing us closer to Himself and reminding us about our sin so that we can be aware of it and have it cleansed so as to be a holy people. The lesson He is teaching the people of Israel here is that He wants to remind them that every child who is born into the world, apart from our sinless Saviour, is tainted with sin. We must never forget that. We are all born in sin; even the prettiest, sweetest little baby has a sinful heart and they should be taught this from an early age so that they do not go through life thinking they are good enough for heaven when God says they are sinners in need of salvation.

After Mary gave birth to our Lord Jesus, even though He was sinless and spotless, she and Joseph still went to the synagogue in obedience to God's Word, by offering up a sacrifice. Remember all these sacrifices were offered to remind the people that sin could only be atoned for by a sacrifice. Soon would come the time when these sacrifices of animals and birds would end because Jesus Christ made the final sacrifice for sin in offering up Himself for mankind. These were only types, pointing to the Lamb of God Himself, and once He was crucified, these other types were no longer necessary.

Once again, we see a servant of God being obedient to the Word of God. We were taught in church yesterday morning that "To obey is better than sacrifice" (1 Samuel 15:22). That is what God requires of a people who say they belong to Him.

Prayer matters:
♥   Ask the Lord to help you see your own sin and to deal with it God's way
♥   Pray that He will teach you how to be holy so as to glorify Him

Hugs, Karen x


  1. Good morning Karen, thank you for sharing this passage today. I find your teaching encouraging and easy to understand. I have a question, something that I have often wondered about. When a wee baby dies, do they go to heaven and grow up there? Thank you again for helping us to understand the Word.
    Sending blessings. Jean x
    My email address is

    1. Hello Jean. Thank you for your kind comments.
      You've asked a very interesting question that I'm sure many Christians wonder about. As I said before, I am just a woman who is seeking to serve the Lord and share with other women of like precious faith what I have learned from the Scriptures; so I am no theologian! But I will give you my opinion on this subject.
      I believe that all little ones who die go to heaven, simply taking this from the verse in 2 Samuel 12:23 where David mourns the loss of his infant son, saying that one day he will go to him. I don't know how the Lord deals with the matter of innate sin in a baby, but He is the God of miracles and He can do anything He chooses. Another part of Scripture that encourages me to believe that wee ones go to heaven is that Jesus wanted the children to be brought to Him. He is a loving, tender, compassionate God who loves the children.
      Whether or not they actually grow up in heaven, I do not know. There are some things the Bible does not mention and this is one of those things that I feel we need to leave until we get to eternity to see for ourselves. But we can certainly trust that there is only good and peace and joy there because God has already promised this in His Word (Revelation 21:4).
      I hope this is of some help to you Jean.