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Leviticus 10: Sin is a serious matter

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This chapter is a difficult and sad one, especially for Aaron. He had four sons, all given the privilege of being priests to serve God in the tabernacle along with their father. They had been taught all the laws regarding offerings and sacrifices and then they had spent a week in consecration, learning and being prepared for this special task that God had given them to do.

However we learn in chapter 10 that Nadab and Abihu, two of the sons, treated God's commands with disdain and disobeyed Him. They dishonoured His holy name. God gives us laws and commands in His Word because He is the creator and we are the created and it is very much up to God what he decides we should do and how we should do it. This is not to say he is a tyrannical God who imposes His strict rules on us. No, but rather, He is a loving God who prefers order and boundaries. He outlines His requirements for us in His Word and He expects us to follow - for two that His name will be glorified and so that we can enjoy our lives serving Him in obedience.

Nadab and Abihu had been taught God's law but it seems that, perhaps through pride (at being chosen for this great honour) and / or through being drunk (most of the commentaries think they had drunk too much and weren't thinking straight), these two men sinned against God so much so that God removed them in an instant. I think that people today don't seem to understand the seriousness of sin. Anything that goes against God's Word is sin, but people think they can just brush it off as insignificant. The problem is that they become careless about their sin because God hasn't yet stepped in and dealt with them. This is because He is being gracious and long suffering and merciful towards them, giving them one opportunity after another to turn from their sin to Him. When people continue to sin without consequences they think it's OK to just keep doing it; they think that God doesn't see or won't do anything about it. But one day He will step in and take action. This is why it is so important to be ready to meet Him with our sin forgiven and under the blood of Christ.  Aaron would of course have been grieved at what happened but he was godly enough to know that it was a terrible shame to disobey and dishonour God; he knew that was his sons did was wrong and that God had the right to judge them as he did. But he was still their father and his pain would have been dreadful. However in spite of this, he kept going. He kept on serving the Lord, no matter how much his heart was breaking. He didn't blame God; but accepted that the judge of all the earth will do, and had done, right. This would have been a hard time for Aaron but he proved his love for God was greater than his love for anyone or anything else.

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Prayer matters:
  Ask the Lord to help you to be an obedient servant to Him and to be able to glorify His name in your daily living
  Ask the Lord to point out your sin to you so that you can confess it to Him and get it under the blood
  Pray that God will help you to love Him more than anyone or anything else in this world

Hugs, Karen x

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