Friday, 17 April 2015

Proverbs 3:7-10 "Honouring God brings blessing"

Hello dear friends and welcome to the beginning of your weekend! Yay! I love Fridays!! I'm also glad to welcome two lovely new followers, Rachel and Anne who just joined our blog today. Hi there girls, good to have you with us and I really hope that you are blessed by what you read here as the Lord speaks to your heart. Please feel free to email me at any time or even leave a comment on the blog. If you want as well, you could send me your mobile number and I will text you with Scripture verses and other encouragements. For those who are on 'What's App', I also have a daily group with all the ladies that I know of who follow this blog and for whom I pray weekly. If you'd like to be added to that, let me know. For anyone who isn't sure about following my blog, you can simply sign up for emails (scroll down on the left hand side of this blog) by entering your email address where it says Follow By Email and each time I post something, it will go directly into your inbox. This is the end of our studies in Proverbs for now. we will be back here on Monday with a new study in Leviticus! I hope you'll join us.

So, let's get back to the Bible verses. Tonight we are looking at four verses in Proverbs 3.

Verse 7. Again, as in previous portions in Proverbs, we read about not being wise in our own sight; wisdom comes from 'fearing the Lord' - worshipping Him, giving Him the glory, reverencing His holy name. Being wise also means to stay clear of evil - don't get involved with it in any way - evil only brings pain and heartache to those who meddle with it. Only God can bring good out of evil, as for example, He did with Joseph, but don't be the one who causes pain to others through evil words, thoughts or deeds.

Verse 8. On the other hand, there is spiritual health and blessing when we fear God and do good in His name. Who wants to be spiritually sick when we can be full of spiritual health and vitality?

Verse 9. This verse is about honouring the Lord with your tithe. Give your tenth to God, and do it willingly. Set aside a tenth of your income for Him. It's not that God is asking for a huge 10% and only leaving us with the rest; everything we have belongs fully to Him and He just asks for 10% and gives us a huge 90%. Think about it...when you work (with the health that God gives you), the government takes a hefty 20% off all taxpayers (or more, depending on your income). But all God asks for is half of that, just 10%. If you tithe your money as soon as your pay comes in, you won't even miss it. I'm going to be totally honest with you here - I tithe every month when my pay comes in, and with sensible money management, I can STILL save money every month! The Lord sees and knows it when we obey Him and He does indeed bless us. I am always amazed and thrilled by how good the Lord is to me. He blesses me abundantly, and I don't just mean financially, but in so many ways. Remember that the Lord loves a cheerful giver and when we are generous to the Lord and His work, He always rewards us!

Verse 10. And here's how much we are blessed! "...filled with plenty..." and "presses shall burst out...". There is enough, more than enough and absolute abundance here! God is a generous God. He has so much to give and He is not selfish. He wants us to have blessings abundant and what do we have to do? Simple - be obedient!

Prayer matters:

  • Pray that the Lord will give you a generous heart and spirit towards Him, His work and His servants (eg missionaries)
  • Ask Him to help you have nothing to do with evil; pray that He will keep you close to Himself and away from things that would grieve Him and harm His witness and testimony in your life.
Hugs, Karen x


  1. Thank you Karen for sharing scripture. Your teaching is always helpful and encouraging.

  2. Hello Jean, I'm glad you are being blessed. The Lord is good to us, isn't he? Kx