Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Proverbs 2:6-22 "Good versus Evil"

Hello friends! I hope you have had a good day whatever it is you are doing. If things are not so good for you today or even if they are terrible, please be assured of my prayers and also hopefully of the other girls who read this blog. I hope you can take comfort from our memory verse on the left for this week. Remember, the Lord never fails and He ALWAYS keeps His promises.

Verses 6-11. Here we read about how good God is and what He does for His people. He keeps them safe and preserves them; He leads them into every good path IF they follow His teachings and are guided by His wisdom.

Verses 12-19,22. These verses talk about evil men AND wicked women. The words that jump out here are:
darkness, frowardness, crooked, strange, flattery, forsaking and forgetting God and His laws, death, dead, cut off, rooted out. Not very pleasant and not to be wished for.

However, in verses 7-10 and verse 21, we read words that are much more uplifting and good and they describe the saved person:
righteous, walking uprightly, saints, righteousness, judgment, equity, good paths, wisdom, pleasant, upright, perfect.

The question here is which side are you on today? God's side, the side of goodness and truth? Or are you still following on the side of the devil, the side of darkness, wickedness, death? If the second one is the case, it's my prayer for you today that you would leave the darkness of your sin and come to the Lord and be saved. He will wash your black heart white and will give you mercy and forgiveness so that you can spend the rest of your time on this earth walking "in the way of good men, and keep(ing) the paths of the righteous" (verse 20) with the result that you will "dwell in the land" of heaven that God has prepared for those who love Him.

Prayer matters:
  • Pray that the Lord will help you to see your need of forgiveness from sin, if you haven't already, and then ask for Him to lead you to the Rock, Christ Jesus, for salvation.
  • If you are saved, ask the Lord to help you today to keep close to Him through His Word and prayer so that you will remain wise and righteous and walk in good paths
Hugs, Karen x

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