Monday, 13 April 2015

Proverbs 1:33 - Peace and Quiet

Good evening ladies. I hope you are well. Thank you for faithfully following along with this Bible Study. I really hope that you are growing closer to the Lord. Proverbs 1:33 is our memory verse for this week.

Do you ever wish for some peace and quiet? Maybe a little bit of time on your own just to take a relaxing bath? Or read? Or go shopping? Or maybe to do nothing at all! I know this can be especially difficult if you have little ones or young people in the house. Sometimes all you need is an hour or two to yourself just to recharge your batteries. The thing is, with children or young people in the house there is noise, movement, mess and much more. But when they grow up and leave home, you might find that there is just a bit too much quiet, so cherish those years with your wee ones and even your teenagers, because these days pass so quickly. But still, it is nice to have a bit of peace and quiet now and again!!

Verse 33. To 'hearken' means to give heed or pay attention to what is being said. God tells us that there are blessings for those who really pay heed to Him, to His Word, to His instruction. What kind of blessings, you might ask? To be able to live in peace, safely, free from worry, guilt and fear; to have a peaceful life. Isn't this what so many people wish for? Real peace only comes from God so it is from Him alone that we should seek it, not from somewhere or someone else.
He also promises us that we will be quiet, at rest from fear of evil. We will still be in contact with sin and sinners but there is no fear that we can be harmed or destroyed by the devil. Remember God's faithful and perfect servant, Job? God allowed Job to be tested by the devil but he was only allowed to go so far. The devil was not allowed to harm Job or destroy him. Remember this ladies - God loves you and He cares about you and wants you to live free from sin and evil and have a life of peace. Come to Him tonight with all of your burdens, worries and fears and leave them at His feet. God gives peace that passeth all understanding.

Prayer matters:

  • Pray that the Lord will give you peace and quiet within your soul, even when the storms of life are raging all around you.
  • Ask Him to help you bring your fears and worries to Him and LEAVE them before Him to deal with.
Hugs, Karen x

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