Thursday, 30 April 2015

Leviticus 9: Draw near to God

Good morning girls! Today I am rejoicing in the Lord's goodness and His faithfulness to me. I was saved this very day, 33 years ago! I remember when I got saved someone said to me, I'll give you 6 months and see how you get on. I always say in my testimony that if it had been up to me, I probably wouldn't even have lasted the 6 months, but God is the one who keeps us, not us ourselves. Sometimes when people are thinking about getting saved, they will say, as they look into their future, "Oh I could never keep it" and that is so true. But real, genuine salvation isn't like an object which you look after and keep good, maybe setting it on a shelf and hoping people will admire it. No, genuine salvation is a whole new life where we are no longer in control but Christ is and we are happy to hand over the reins to Him because He can take much better care of us than even we can! I am so very glad I answered His call that day. He has blessed me and done so much for me.

Knowing what we know about much of Israel's history and their regular times of disobedience and backsliding, we can look at the events of chapter 9 and see a very special and blessed time in their lives. All of the Israelites, and in particular Moses, Aaron and Aaron's sons, have just obeyed every single instruction given by God to the letter and now something spectacular is about to happen! Obedience is always followed by blessing as far as God is concerned.

The important words that I'd like to focus on here are (verse 5) "...AND ALL THE CONGREGATION DREW NEAR AND STOOD BEFORE THE LORD". Moses had told them that this very day, God Himself would appear before them, which is exactly what happened. "All" the congregation drew near, not just a few of them or even a lot of them, but all of them. Every single one of them was there to receive the blessing. They "drew near and stood before the Lord". This is seen in our congregational worship and also in our personal devotions. God wants us all to come together to worship Him and be near to Him as a group of believers, in fellowship with Him and also with each other. But He also wants us to grow strong in our own personal walk with Him and to be able to do this, we must draw near to God and stand before Him in prayer and praise.

Imagine if Moses had made the announcement that the Lord Himself would soon meet with His people and some didn't bother to come. They would have missed out on a great privilege and blessing. They would have lost on fellowship with their God and Saviour. Sometimes, especially on a Tuesday night (which is our church Prayer Meeting), and after a long day at work, I feel tired and think that maybe I'll just not go tonight, surely the Lord will understand. But I am convinced in my own heart that this would be the very night that the Lord would have a special word for my heart and I would miss it by not being there. Or, what if the Lord answers the cries of His people's hearts and sends revival during the Prayer Meeting and I lose out because 'I'm too tired to go'. This would be a terrible loss and one that I would be afraid of happening. So, I just tell the devil (who I believe would try to hinder us from drawing near to God) that it doesn't matter if I'm tired, I'll go and get a blessing from my heavenly Father!!

Prayer matters:
♥   Ask the Lord to help you to be an obedient Christian
♥   Pray that He will help you to make the effort to draw near to Him and meet with Him for public worship and private devotions
♥   Pray for those you know who are not yet saved and who will also, some day, have to draw near and stand before God to give an account of their lives; pray that they will come to Christ and be saved 

Hugs, Karen x


  1. This was exactly me on Sunday evening. I just wanted to miss the prayer meeting before the gospel meeting, I was too tired. Praise God I went! It was so refreshing and exactly what I needed. I would have missed out on that blessing and started this week off in negative mind set!

  2. Hello anonymous! So glad you got the victory...and the blessing! Thank you for letting us know this. It is such an encouragement to know we all struggle with similar things. Kx