Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Matthew 8: Faith in Christ

Hello girls! And how are you all? Isn't it lovely to see the brighter mornings and evenings?

This evening I'm sharing with you what I learned from this chapter and the main theme for me, I feel, is 'faith' in Christ. There are four different views of faith here. 

Verses 2 & 3. The Leper. This poor sick, diseased man came and worshipped the Lord Jesus Christ. This leprous man was a Jew because he knew about the ceremonial cleansing at the temple. So he is someone who very likely grew up being taught all about the law of God. He would have known about the history of God's people and that salvation would come to the house of Israel. He was also truly humble because he called Him Lord and said that Christ could cleanse him if He wanted to. Did the Saviour want to? Of course He did! God doesn't want to see anyone going to a lost eternity in their sin and it is His desire that all people should come to Him for cleansing, although we know, of course, that not every one will accept this merciful gift. The Lord Jesus didn't hesitate for a minute. He washed the man's leprosy and his sin away in a moment. If anyone, especially someone who was brought up knowing the gospel, and who is reading this is and not yet saved, please be assured that if you ask Christ to cleanse you in His precious blood He will do it for you immediately. He loves you and wants you to come to Him for cleansing, just like the leper. He will not be a disappointment to your soul.

Verses 5-13. The Centurion. This man was a Roman officer and would not know about the things of God the way the leper did, but we learn here that he obviously had heard about Christ and believed in His power to heal and change lives. He was a very humble man because he didn't even expect Christ to come to his home to heal his servant. But he showed amazing faith in Christ's power to heal by just saying the word where He was. Christ said He hadn't seen faith like this, not even among the Jews who should know better. Perhaps you have grown up in a home where the things of God are foreign to you. The gospel is for you too. Christ died on the cross for everyone, Jew and Gentile (anyone who is not a Jew). All you need to do is ask Him to save you and forgive all your sins and He will do more for you than you can imagine. He will give you a new heart, a new life and a home in heaven.

Verses 28-34. Devils. Even the devils knew who the Lord Jesus Christ, that He was the son of God and they were afraid of Him and knew they were under His authority.

Image result for faithVerses 23-27. Christ's disciples. Here is the interesting bit, and unfortunately, the sad bit, I think. These are the men who walked with Christ every day, who saw the miracles He did and all the people He healed, the men who were privileged to listen to His preaching and teaching and yet it was of these men that the Lord Jesus said, they had "little faith" because when a storm arose they panicked and became afraid. How disappointing for Christ. These men still didn't seem to have grasped just who Christ really was. They had so much to learn. Dear sister in Christ, are you a follower of the Lord who struggles to have faith in your Saviour? Why do you think this is the case? Have you proved Him to be a helper and provider in your life? Or do you try to live as best you can on your own strength? Do you acknowledge your great need of Him, like the leper and the centurion, or do you think you can get along quite nicely by yourself? If you don't acknowledge your need of Christ, you will never really be able to prove what He can do in your life because you're trying to manage on your own. The disciples in the ship panicked because they knew there was nothing they could do, but they had forgotten that the One who had made the sea and the wind was right there with them and it was all in His power to take control of the situation. 

LET GO AND LET GOD take control!

Prayer matters:
  • Ask the Lord to increase and strengthen your faith (remember that sometimes you have to go through great trials for this to happen)
  • Ask Him to help you stop leaning on your own understanding and strength and completely rely on Him.
Hugs Karen x

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