Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Matthew 7: Ask, Seek, Knock

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Don't forget this week's verse above; it's quite easy this week.

Anyway, on to Matthew 7.
Verses 7 & 8. Christ is teaching here that when we pray, seek God's face and remain persistent in prayer, then He will hear and answer that prayer in accordance with His will.
'ask' - a gentle request
'seek' - make an effort to really look for an answer
'knock' - come to a specific place and make a conscious effort to receive an answer, perhaps by being persistent.
I was thinking about going to visit someone whose home I've never been to before. I've got the address and have sort of an idea where they live, but when I come into their town I get a bit lost. So what should I do first? Ask someone for directions. Yes, that would be helpful; they can point me in the right direction. Then I'll really seek out the house by driving slowly up and down the street, looking at all the house numbers until I find the right one. OK, I've got the right house so now I'll just sit outside in the car and hope they know that I want to speak to them. No, of course not! I need to get out, go to the door, knock on it, ring the bell or whatever it takes to get them to come and answer. It doesn't take them long to answer because they knew I was coming over and they were waiting for me anyway. I think prayer is a bit like this. We have to make the effort to come to the Lord with our needs and desires and just ask Him, but we can also keep on asking Him and pleading with Him for an answer to our prayers (making sure, of course, that we are praying 'in His will'). Then we can come right to the Lord and present our prayers to Him boldly at the throne of grace, expecting an answer from Him. This is what He wants. He is ready and waiting to fill us with blessings abundant. 
If I had driven into that town looking for my friend and given up at the first dead end I came to and decided just to go back home, I would've missed out on seeing them, spending time with them and learning more about their life and what was happening with them and I'd have gone away feeling disappointed and a bit discouraged. I mean, they were sitting there waiting for me to come, kettle on the boil and my favourite chocolate cake all cut and ready to be served but I gave up too easily. So I missed out. The Lord is waiting for us to come to Him, to have fellowship with Him and to be blessed. But because we don't get an answer to our prayers straightaway we give up and miss out on so much.

Don't miss out on blessings from the Lord by being impatient or by not making enough effort in seeking His face. The answers will come, along with showers of blessings. 'Wait on the Lord'.

Prayer matters:
  • Ask the Lord to teach you patience in prayer and not to give up too easily
  • Ask Him to show you answers to prayers because the more He answers, the more we want to pray and He loves His children to pray!
See you tomorrow

Hugs Karen x

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