Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Matthew 2: Prophecy fulfilled

Hello folks! Thank you to Daphne for her thoughts last night on Matthew 1. Much appreciated!
Here we are, reading the well known story of the birth of Christ. This would've been an absolutely amazing time in history when, after years and years of praying for this event and expecting it, the Son of God was finally born into this world, fulfilling many prophecies from the Old Testament.

Image result for crownVerse 2. Notice firstly that the Lord Jesus was not born "to be" King of the Jews, which would imply that He was waiting to grow up and would some day take up His royal throne. He already was a King before His birth, so that when He was born, He was "born King...".

Verses 1, 10, 11. Isn't it amazing that, even though Christ was born King of the Jews and these were His covenant people, it was Gentiles who saw and worshipped Him first? These were the people who were led to Bethlehem from the east by a simple shining star.

Verse 3. Of course we would expect Herod to be troubled by the news that a new king had been born (in his jurisdiction) because in his proud mind, he was the one and only king. However, this was no ordinary king and he knew it; he knew immediately that this was Christ, the promised Messiah because he went straight to ask the Jewish religious leaders what Scripture said about His birth. The scribes and priests quoted the right verses to Herod about this prophecy, but just because they knew their Bible, that didn't make them spiritual or godly men.
So as I said, we would expect Herod to be worried, but it also says that "all Jerusalem with him". Why would the Jews be troubled? Surely this was an answer to their prayers. Surely this was what they had waited for for centuries. The wise men from the east "rejoiced with exceeding great joy" but the Jews were "troubled". Very often it is the people with the privileges and blessings who despise them and don't appreciate what they have. Our wee country has been so blessed down through the years with the Gospel but it is despised by those who know it well. It is those people who have been blinded to it or are unaware of its truths who thirst for it.

Verses 5,6,15,18 and 23. There are four prophecies about Christ and His birth that are fulfilled within this one chapter. For those of us who are saved, it's such a blessing to know that God always keeps His promises and if He says He will do something, He will do it, even if it takes a long time and might not even happen in our lifetime. Trust Him for He will never fail His people.
There are still prophecies that have been made that are yet to happen, such as Christ returning to this earth as Lord and Judge. This will be the final fulfillment of God's plan of redemption for mankind and the one that all genuine saved people are waiting and watching for. If you are reading this blog and you have not yet trusted in Christ as your Saviour, it is our prayer that before long you will accept His offer of mercy to your soul and when you finally meet Him on the Judgment Day, it will be as His child and not His enemy.

Prayer matters:

  • Thank the Lord for His love to Gentile, as well as Jewish, sinners.
  • Ask Him to help you to be truly thankful for the blessing of the Gospel in your life and also ask Him to give you the courage to share this good news with the people you come into contact with.
  • Ask Him to help you to be patient and to keep trusting in the fulfillment of His plan in your life even when it seems like there is not much hope of prayer being answered.
Hugs Karen x

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  1. Karen, I discovered your blog and would like to follow along with the study as I am not on Facebook. I find your blog very informative and interesting and look forward to following the bible study if I may. Jean