Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Matthew 13: Parables of the kingdom of heaven

Good evening girls! How are you doing? Are you still trying to memorize the verse for this week? Isn't it a great verse? Are you in trouble this week? Perhaps struggling with something that seems to be greater than you can cope with? This verse reminds us that the Lord steps in and helps His beloved children when they are in trouble. He will deal with their enemies and save His people.

In this chapter of Matthew, the Lord mentions no less than seven parables. I always wondered what the significance was regarding parables. I've heard quite a few people saying that they are earthly stories with a heavenly meaning. Maybe so, but why did the Lord speak in parables. Well, it seems that the purpose in using them was to sift out the true spiritual seekers of salvation from those who just wanted to have physical healing without making the commitment to follow Christ. Remember, every day hundreds of people sought Him out and brought their sick and disabled family and friends to Him for healing, but not all of these people got saved. Those people who were truly spiritual were able to understand the parables whereas those who were only there for what they could get out of it couldn't understand the true meaning of the parable.
There is a common theme or two running through these parables.
  • There is, according to the teaching of our Saviour, only one type of sincere Christian, the one who brings forth fruit.
  • There are only two types of people in this world - saved or unsaved. We learn here that we all live together on this earth, some doing good, others doing evil; but at the end of the world, when Christ returns for His people there will be a great separation. Those who are not saved will be taken away first to everlasting punishment but those who love the Lord Jesus will be taken to heaven to live forever with Him there. 
  • God's kingdom seems to be small and insignificant at the minute (there seems to be a lot more unsaved people than saved), but this kingdom will soon grow and expand and eventually be bigger than anyone could ever have imagined.
  • Any person who seeks Christ sincerely will do whatever they have to in order to gain heaven; nothing else in this world matters apart from making peace with God through His Son, the Lord Jesus.
Prayer matters:
  • Ask the Lord to help you, as a faithful Christian, to bring forth much fruit for Him
  • Ask Him to help you to use your time wisely while you are here on earth, by witnessing to those who are not yet saved
  • Ask Him to give you opportunities to extend His kingdom
  • If you are not yet saved, ask the Lord to show you your great need of Him and ask Him to help you see the importance of having your soul cleansed from sin before death, when it will be too late to do anything about it
Hugs, Karen x

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