Monday, 30 March 2015

Matthew 21: Hypocrisy condemned

Good evening, folks! How are you all doing? There is a new memory verse for this week - it's short and sweet! Also welcome back to another week of studies in Matthew. Tonight we are in chapter 21. 

Things are really starting to get hot between the Lord Jesus and the religious leaders of the day. Jesus condemns the scribes and Pharisees for their man made traditions and their lack of honest, genuine faith in God. They show no real fruit, as in compassion towards other people, true love for souls, genuine repentance over sin. In fact these men are totally full of pride and hypocrisy, and the Lord Jesus is not impressed with them. The religious leaders have such a privilege and blessing, in the fact that not only do they know the Law of God but they also teach it. Yet they only teach what they want...lots of rules and regulations with their own slant put on it. All outward appearance stuff. The Lord Jesus Christ wants to see repentance over sin, a desire to know God in a deeper and real way and evidence of changed lives. And He tells the Pharisees that, even though they have all these privileges and a head knowledge of God, it will be the 'sinners' who will enter into heaven even before they do. It will be those publicans and harlots who see their own sin, who ask the Lord to forgive them and live a life dedicated to God who will gain entrance into heaven. The scribes and Pharisees see the sins of everyone else around them, but unfortunately they don't see (or they certainly don't want to see) their own sin. But when the Lord Jesus talks to them and teaches them from the Word of God and highlights their sin and hypocrisy to them, they get really defensive. Their immediate response is to try to get rid of Him. Deep down they know what He is saying is true but they are far too proud and arrogant to accept this.

Very often, people will not accept their own sinfulness and will refuse to repent and turn to God for forgiveness because they think that they are good enough and should be accepted into heaven on their own merits. But the Lord Jesus Christ says there must be a change in the heart of a sinner to be able to go to heaven. The Pharisees may have 'looked the part' on the outside but inside, their hearts were as black with sin as the hearts of thieves, murderers and all other sinners. Being 'good' is not good enough to get into heaven. Being 'saved' is the only way to get there. We can be like the scribes and Pharisees and go through all the spiritual rituals of the day but not one of them will do our souls any good. Only being washed in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ will save our souls and make us fit for heaven. If you are not saved yet, why not put your trust in the Saviour now and ask Him to make you ready for heaven as only He can do. 

Prayer matters:
  • Ask the Lord to help you to know Him in a deep way, by reading more of His Word and praying and being thankful for the blessings and privileges you have
  • Ask Him to help you to confess your sin and have a heart that is fully trusting in Him
Thanks for stopping by today. I won't be able to post tomorrow night due to another commitment but I hope to be back on Wednesday with Matthew 23. Hope to'see' you then!

Hugs, Karen x

Friday, 27 March 2015

Matthew 20: Humility and gratitude

Hello girls! Here we are at the weekend again and almost at the end of ANOTHER month! Where is the time going? I feel as though I have missed two whole weeks of my life in March with being sick and off work! I'm so glad to be feeling well again and back to normal. Thank you to all of you who texted, emailed and even sent flowers (thanks, mum!) saying you were thinking about me. Your thoughts were all very much appreciated.

How are you finding the book of Matthew? I'm enjoying it but there is so much to learn in each chapter that it might nearly be better breaking it down into smaller chunks; but I suppose if we did that, we would take about 10 years to get through the whole Bible! I'm sure you are learning many different lessons to me because the Lord will speak to you in different ways depending on what your present needs are.

The main things I learned in chapter 20 are these:
Jesus asks the same question, worded slightly differently but meaning the same thing to two different sets of people. These people came to Jesus with specific requests (as we do in prayer) and they received very different answers, since Jesus meets each person at the point of their need. In verse 21, He asks "What wilt thou?" and in verse 32, He asks "What will ye that I shall do unto you?". Both questions mean, "what would you like me to do for you?"

Verses 20-28. Zebedee's wife came to the Lord Jesus with a specific request on behalf of her two sons, James and John. She didn't seem to be worried that others were listening in on this conversation (the other disciples) and she didn't even seem to be embarrassed about the request. She wanted great promotion for her two sons. Of course, any mum will want the best for her child/ren but there seems to be a degree of pride and ambition here, both on the part of the mum and the two boys (verse 24, the other disciples were cross with them for asking this). The main desire that any Christian mother should have for her children should be firstly, that they are saved and secondly, that they would be content to serve God, wherever He places them in this life. The Lord Jesus said that such a request was not His to give; these things are already in the hands of a gracious heavenly Father. But He did go on to say that the two of them would certainly suffer during their lifetime. It seems from religious history that James died a martyr's death as did his brother John (author of the book of Revelation). We need to be careful what we pray for on behalf of other people. I'm always very conscious of this fact when I pray for my children and for others. The boys' mum wanted them to have the glory without necessarily having to suffer first, as Christ had to do. The lesson that Christ was teaching here was that the greatest person will be someone that the world would never imagine; the greatest Christians are the humblest of people, servants of Christ and others.

Verses 30-34. These two poor blind men simply wanted, not glory for themselves, but the ability to see. This was a humble request that Jesus was happy to grant. These men both acknowledged Christ as Lord, King and Messiah; they were humble and they begged for His mercy. When they were healed, they didn't just go on about their business, doing their own thing. No, they stuck close to Christ and followed Him. They served Him out of love and gratitude. This is what the Lord Jesus Christ wants those of us who are saved to do. Simply give up our own notions and follow Him, serve Him and glorify Him.

Prayer matters:

  • Ask the Lord to help you to pray in His will; that what you ask for is in accordance with His desire for you, things like humility, love, joy, contentment
  • Ask the Lord to help you to appreciate the simple things in life that so many of us take for granted, things like our health, eye sight, the ability to go where we like
Have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday, DV.
Hugs, Karen x

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Matthew 19: The little children

Hello there, girls! Welcome back! Today I want to look at the verse 14 of Matthew 19, "But Jesus said, Suffer (old fashioned word for 'allow') little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

People often think that children and young people are not important and don't have any great contribution to make to society. But this is very untrue, because if a child is brought up to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ then they will have a very good foundation on which to build for the rest of their lives. Children who are brought up in a Christian home have so many blessings and privileges compared to those who aren't. Perhaps they don't always realize or appreciate the blessings they have, but they are there, nonetheless.

The Lord Jesus loves the little ones and He truly wants to see them coming to Him in salvation. This is why Sunday School and Children's Meetings are so important. It is vital that little ones are taught the Gospel from an early age. Never despise a child's ability or desire to come to Christ. He calls the wee ones as much as He calls the big people. In fact, in our own congregation, the Lord has been pleased to save many little ones who have come to Him for salvation in recent months. Do what you can to teach the children the glorious Gospel; bring them to church to hear the Word.

The other important lesson here is that the citizens of the kingdom of heaven (those already in it and those on their journey to it) are to have child-like qualities - such as, innocence, faith, trust, no prejudice against others, humility. As we get older we lose so many of these wonderful qualities - but the Lord wants us to maintain them. We can learn many a lesson from the children with their simple faith.

Prayer matters:

  • Ask the Lord to give you opportunities to present the Gospel to the little ones you come into contact with
  • Ask Him to help you pray much for them, that they will accept Him as Saviour while they are still young and that they will grow in grace
  • Ask the Lord to help you to have those simple child-like qualities that are so important to your faith.
Hugs, Karen x

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Who noticed??

Hi girls! For the eagle-eyed among you, you probably noticed that yesterday's post was Matthew 18 which was supposed to be today's reading. I got a bit mixed up in my days with being sick and losing a few days this past week, so I'm just popping in to say Hi and I'll be back again tomorrow with Matthew 19, DV!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Matthew 18: Forgiven!

Hello, dear sisters-in-Christ! I suppose you wondered what had happened to me over the past few days or maybe you didn't even notice!! Either way, I am just getting over my second bout of illness in a month. I haven't had the energy or strength to sit at the computer, let alone type my blog. March hasn't been pleasant, health-wise, but I have certainly learned some important lessons. Your health is definitely your wealth, for one. And I also learned not to take good health for granted. Being ill twice in one month has helped me to appreciate how difficult it must be for some of you who I know suffer constantly with chronic or terminal illness and often see no end to it all. For you especially, I am praying. You are an inspiration to me, with the way you bear your illness so well, not looking for sympathy but accepting that this is a part of your life and God's will for you at this time. That, in itself, is a testimony to His grace and we here on this blog will pray that He will continue to give you the strength to bear it.

So, onto our chapter for today. Christ is once again teaching many lessons to His disciples and those who were following Him.
Look at verses 15-17. Notice the words "thy brother". This means that these words are specifically directed at Christians and our relationship with other believers in Christ. We learn here what a Christian should do if another Christian sins against them. Take note that it is if they 'commit an actual sin' against you, not just do something that you don't like. Be clear on that first and foremost. The number of Christians (women especially, I'm sure you'll agree) who have a grievance against another Christian because they said or did something that they weren't happy about is not what is being discussed here. The Lord Jesus is talking about actual sin. Remember, the Pharisees were always taking up issue with the Saviour about this, that and the other thing, because they were offended about something He said or did. It was NEVER something sinful, because Christ is sinless and cannot sin. They just didn't agree with Him. So, what should happen when one Christian SINS against another Christian is:

  1. the Christian who has been sinned against should go to the one who has sinned and let them know what they have done. This is firstly to be done PRIVATELY, not in front of other people and most certainly NOT on Facebook. If the person who did the wrong accepts their wrongdoing and apologizes, then the two people can be reunited as friends and brothers/sisters in Christ. 
  2. if the one who has done the wrong refuses to accept that he/she has done anything wrong, then the Christian who has been sinned against can take one or two witnesses to that person and try again.
  3. if the sinning Christian again refuses to listen or accept this, then the Christian who has been sinned against can take the matter to their church session.
  4. sadly, the Christian who has sinned may dig their heels in and refuse to acknowledge any sin; if this is the case, the wronged Christian is no longer expected to identify the other person as a Christian, until they change their ways.
Verses 21-35. Again, these verses refer to our relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ:
  • The Lord Jesus says we need to give perfect and unlimited forgiveness to those who sin against us
  • He reminds us that we expect God the Father to forgive us for all of our sin, filthy, dark and wicked sin; and yet we find it so difficult to forgive other Christians minor misdemeanours against us. We should not be hypocritical.
To me, the key words about forgiveness are in verse 35 - "from your hearts". It's very easy to say to someone that we forgive what they have done, but if we keep reminding them of it (and indeed, keep reminding ourselves of it) and keep trying to make them pay for it, then that is not true forgiveness. We must mean it from the heart, forget about it, move on and keep loving that brother/sister in Christ. I know, easier said than done for some of us, but isn't it great that we can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth us!

Prayer matters:
  • Ask the Lord to help you do things the Scriptural way, privately, decently; not the way of the world
  • Ask the Lord to help you to have a forgiving heart, no matter how many times another Christian asks for forgiveness and then goes and sins against you again
  • Ask Him to keep your heart pure, sincere and forgiving at all times, without bearing a grudge
Hugs, Karen x

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Matthew 13: Parables of the kingdom of heaven

Good evening girls! How are you doing? Are you still trying to memorize the verse for this week? Isn't it a great verse? Are you in trouble this week? Perhaps struggling with something that seems to be greater than you can cope with? This verse reminds us that the Lord steps in and helps His beloved children when they are in trouble. He will deal with their enemies and save His people.

In this chapter of Matthew, the Lord mentions no less than seven parables. I always wondered what the significance was regarding parables. I've heard quite a few people saying that they are earthly stories with a heavenly meaning. Maybe so, but why did the Lord speak in parables. Well, it seems that the purpose in using them was to sift out the true spiritual seekers of salvation from those who just wanted to have physical healing without making the commitment to follow Christ. Remember, every day hundreds of people sought Him out and brought their sick and disabled family and friends to Him for healing, but not all of these people got saved. Those people who were truly spiritual were able to understand the parables whereas those who were only there for what they could get out of it couldn't understand the true meaning of the parable.
There is a common theme or two running through these parables.
  • There is, according to the teaching of our Saviour, only one type of sincere Christian, the one who brings forth fruit.
  • There are only two types of people in this world - saved or unsaved. We learn here that we all live together on this earth, some doing good, others doing evil; but at the end of the world, when Christ returns for His people there will be a great separation. Those who are not saved will be taken away first to everlasting punishment but those who love the Lord Jesus will be taken to heaven to live forever with Him there. 
  • God's kingdom seems to be small and insignificant at the minute (there seems to be a lot more unsaved people than saved), but this kingdom will soon grow and expand and eventually be bigger than anyone could ever have imagined.
  • Any person who seeks Christ sincerely will do whatever they have to in order to gain heaven; nothing else in this world matters apart from making peace with God through His Son, the Lord Jesus.
Prayer matters:
  • Ask the Lord to help you, as a faithful Christian, to bring forth much fruit for Him
  • Ask Him to help you to use your time wisely while you are here on earth, by witnessing to those who are not yet saved
  • Ask Him to give you opportunities to extend His kingdom
  • If you are not yet saved, ask the Lord to show you your great need of Him and ask Him to help you see the importance of having your soul cleansed from sin before death, when it will be too late to do anything about it
Hugs, Karen x

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Matthew 12: Attack of the hypocrites!

Good evening, folks! I hope you have had a good day.

Today we are looking at Matthew chapter 12 and in particular verses 2,10,14,30.
What I personally discovered through my reading of this chapter is the hypocrisy of these super religious men, the scribes and the Pharisees. You would think that Christ and His disciples were going around preaching hatred and violence the way the Pharisees were always against Him. Our Saviour spent His days healing people, being kind, doing good - but the Pharisees were always there, hovering in the background, trying to catch Him out or trip Him up. Do you know people like this? They pop up all over the place, sometimes where you least expect them. They pretend to be on the side of good, maybe even religious, yet they hate it when a genuine Christian does things out of sincere love for the Saviour and they can hardly hold their opinions in. Maybe there's someone like this in your place of work, someone who always seems to be on your back about something (or even about nothing). I don't know how the Lord managed to remain so calm with these men - well, yes I do, actually. It's because He is sinless, long-suffering and patient with sinners (including with me). Christ is 1 Corinthians 13 in action. But for the scribes and Pharisees, no matter what the Lord Jesus did, it was never good enough.

Verse 2. The Pharisees 'saw' Christ's disciples plucking and eating the corn on the Sabbath day, and they criticized. The Lord responded to them with a lesson from the Old Testament Scriptures (this is why we NEED to know the Word of God). One thing I noted here especially is something that really spoke to me. Did the criticism of the Pharisees stop the Saviour from keeping on with doing good? No! Absolutely not. He went into their synagogue and healed a disabled man...on the same Sabbath day! I'm afraid that often when we are doing our best for the Lord and we get to hear that people are criticizing us, we withdraw because of hurt and maybe do less than we should. This is playing right into the devil's hands; this is exactly the response he's looking for which is all the more reason to keep on doing what we've always done. Did the Lord Jesus Christ need the approval of these religious leaders to do what He was doing? Indeed not. The only approval that He needed, and that we need, is that of our heavenly Father. As long as God smiles His approval upon us, that's all that matters. Look at verse 18, where this is reinforced as a fulfilment of prophecy, God said "my beloved, in whom my soul is well pleased". Getting to grips with this truth will free your heart to serve God more (John 8:32, "And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free").

Verse 10. So now Christ is in the synagogue, healing this man with the withered hand and - surprise, surprise, there are the Pharisees, ready with their loaded questions, looking for a way to accuse Christ of more misdemeanours.

By verse 14, the Pharisees are actually getting together to discuss how they might 'destroy' Christ. Do you see the progressive path? They start out by criticizing, then they try accusing Him and finally they set out to deliberately destroy Him. Be aware that there are people out there who will do the same to you. Be on guard. Have your faith in God strong, have your sword (the Word of God) sharpened and hidden deep in your heart for when you need it and stay close to your heavenly Father in prayer. The devil often uses other people to bring you down and to try to destroy you. That's his ultimate aim. Don't let him have the victory in your life.

Prayer matters:
  • Ask the Lord to help you to be wise and on guard against the wily attacks of the devil.
  • Remember it is the powers of darkness that we fight against, not flesh and blood; we are no match for the devil on our own; BUT, WITH CHRIST, we already have the victory!! Ask the Lord to help you stay close to Him at all times. 
  • Ask Him to help you be strong in your service for Him.
Hugs, Karen x

Monday, 16 March 2015

Matthew 11: Finding rest in Christ

Hello there folks and welcome back to A Place of Rest and a new week of studies in the book of Matthew. 
Here is the bookmark for March for anyone who is just joining us. You can start right here in Matthew ch 11; please don't feel that you have to go back to the start and try to catch up. You can use the weekends to catch up on any chapters you may have missed since we only do these studies Monday to Friday.

We have reached chapter 11 and it's the verses 28-30 that I am focusing on tonight.We can approach these verses from two angles, as a message directed towards the unsaved person and also towards the saved person. 

Christ calls all those people who are not yet saved, those who are still trusting in themselves to get to heaven, to come to Him. There is no peace or rest in this life outside of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no salvation in any other person, place or thing, outside of Him. It is only in the name of Jesus that we find rest for our souls. I know that before I got saved, I had no rest for my soul. I knew there was something missing in my life and for a long time I didn't know what it was, until I read a Gospel tract explaining my need of Christ as Saviour and then it all fell into place. So here the Lord Jesus is calling to Himself all those who are working hard to make themselves acceptable for heaven, all those who are weighed down by the guilt of their sin. He tells them that if they come to Him for salvation, He will take their heavy burden away and they will finally find the peace they have sought for so long.

This message can also be embraced by the soul that has been saved but who is struggling at the minute with the cares and worries of this life and their responsibilities. It is for those who are trying their best to keep their heads above water and who have burdens that they carry on a daily basis. Of course, this could be all or any one of us women. What does the Saviour ask us to do? In three simple words, 'Come unto me'. He doesn't ask you to something that is beyond your ability; He doesn't ask you to do something that you know would be physically or mentally, He simply asks you to come to Him. He wants you to unburden yourself to Him in prayer. He wants you to ask Him for the help you need instead of trying to cope with it all alone. You're probably putting a heavier burden upon yourself than the one Christ gives. As Christians, we are those who serve Him and we accept that He is our master, in the same way that the animals such as oxen or horses serve their masters in the field. They bear the yoke of service and it can wear them down at times. We too have to bear burdens as a result of sin and still living in this sinful world but Christ says that He will make it as easy for us as possible. We'll never be completely free of our yoke until we reach heaven so we need to accept that and be thankful that we can bring our cares to Christ in prayer. Twice in these verses. the Lord Jesus reminds us that He will give us rest. 

Come to Christ tonight, whatever the burdens are that you are carrying and ask Him for His help.

Prayer matters:
  • Whatever the burdens are that you are carrying tonight, talk to the Lord about them; He cares about you and wants to help you and make the burden as light as possible
  • Thank Him that even though you live in a world cursed by sin and hardship, you still have a Saviour who loves you and will share your burdens willingly
  • If you are not yet saved, come to Him now and put your faith and trust in Him to save you and take away your burden of sin, washing you in His precious atoning blood

Hugs, Karen x

Friday, 13 March 2015

Matthew 10: Wisdom and Gentleness

Hi girls! We are at the end of another week of studies, in Matthew chapter 10. I'd like to share with you what I learned about the words in verse 16, " ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."

These are words that I have read many times and even prayed that the Lord would help me to be like this, but I actually could never really understand what the first part meant. I can easily understand how the Lord would want us to be 'harmless as doves'; that makes sense. But the part about being as 'wise as serpents' threw me a bit. Surely we despise serpents, or snakes? They're evil and cunning, aren't they, so why would the Lord tell us to be like them? Well, I had to research this because I really wasn't clear in my own mind what the Lord meant here. I found a sermon by CH Spurgeon which gave some ideas for me to think about and it's these that I'm passing on to you and I hope it helps you understand this better too.

Image result for snakeFirstly, Spurgeon says that the serpent has to be wise because it is hated by a deadly foe, Mankind. Men hate snakes and generally want to kill snakes, so the snake must be wary and on guard because people want to harm and kill them. It is in this way that Christ tells us to be wise like the serpent - we are to avoid being involved in sinful activities with people and we are to steer clear when they are telling filthy jokes or stories. Of course, we are to be with those who aren't yet saved because we live in the world; but we are not to be like the world. God has given us people in our lives so that we can witness to them but we should get off-side when they start controversial conversations perhaps trying to draw us in so that they can harm us or the Saviour in some way. They may expect us to react in a negative way and so prove, in their mind, that Christianity is not real or is a joke. There are people out there who will hate us for what we believe in or stand for, so we need to accept this and expect there to be people who may try to harm us. We need to be on our guard against the fiery darts of the evil one.

Spurgeon says that secondly, the serpent is wise because it goes about its business quietly, not being seen much. As Christians, we should try to get on with our lives without getting too involved in the limelight when possible and certainly we should not brag about what we do for the Lord. He says we should live with "unobtrusive earnestness, quiet, simple-minded resolution to achieve your purpose."

Thirdly he says that the serpent is able to get into small openings that many other animals can't get through. The wisdom here is to take advantage of any small openings that we get to witness to people and to bring Christ to them. It could be a gospel tract, a short word of testimony, a simple offer of prayer for a time of need; anything that might let the person see Christ in us.

So, this is how we should be wise - not sneaky, or cunning or vindictive - but aware that we are targets for the devil; living a life of quiet godliness before our enemies and taking any opportunity we can to witness for the Lord.

Prayer matters:

  • Ask the Lord to help you to be wise as outlined above
  • Ask Him also to bless you with a gentle and tender heart
  • Ask Him for opportunities to serve Him genuinely and sincerely
Hugs Karen x

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Matthew 9: Having a compassion for lost souls

Good evening, ladies. I hope you are well. Have you escaped this awful flu that has been going around? There seems to be so much sickness at the minute.

The verse in this chapter that challenged me the most is verse 36, "But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd".

Image result for sheep

The Lord Jesus Christ had come to earth to die for these dear souls, the same as He did for you and me. When He looked at all these people, His heart was stirred with a deep love and tender compassion for them because He knew that they were not hearing the gospel from the religious leaders of the day. This is turn meant that they were heading towards a lost eternity because they weren't being guided by a good spiritual leader. They needed someone strong and caring to look after them; they needed Christ, but they didn't seem to know it.

There are people in the world, in our country, in our town, in our neighbourhood, in our jobs, in our families, who are like sheep without a shepherd. They have no sincere spiritual leadership and they probably don't even know it. They might think that because they go to church and pay money into the church then this makes them acceptable in the sight of God. Perhaps they think that because they are good people and give to charity this will gain them entrance into heaven.
These people, the same as many people today, "were scattered abroad". This doesn't mean they were spread out geographically all over the place; it means they were running here and there trying to find satisfaction for their souls and not finding it. They were wandering about aimlessly, with no leadership or direction. Where were they going in their lives? As Christians we have purpose and focus. We know why we're here, what we're supposed to be doing here and where we are headed to. We know that we are on an earthly journey that will end in a heavenly home, and along the way our aim is to glorify the Lord. We know that we are loved and that our sins are forgiven.

But these dear unsaved souls don't have this blessing in their lives. If you can think back to the time when you were unsaved, you'll probably remember just living for the moment with little or no thought for the future. Perhaps death never crossed your mind, or even what happens after death; or maybe these thoughts did creep in but you pushed them away again. This is likely how it is for those unsaved people who you come into contact with. They are struggling to deal with everything life throws at them in their own strength. Depending on their view of God, sin and salvation, their future may look very bleak, and indeed it is, because without Christ we have nothing.

Surely this should be enough to spur us on to pray more for these dear people. Surely you would have been glad to know that someone cared enough about you and your soul to pray for you. I think for many Christians, it is a case of "well I'm saved and I'm alright, so I don't need to worry anymore". But we do need to concern ourselves with praying for and witnessing to the unsaved. They can't see their eternal danger, but we can and so we must intercede on their behalf.

The great preacher, CH Spurgeon, once said in light of the atrocities of war:

Image result for ch spurgeonCalamities occurring to our fellow men naturally awaken in us a feeling of commiseration; but what calamity under heaven can be equal to the ruin of a soul? What misery can be equal to that of a man cast away from God, and subject to his wrath world without end!

When we hear of terrible things happening to people, we are full of empathy and sadness. We try to put ourselves in their shoes and then we feel sorry for them. But as Spurgeon said there can't be anything worse than being separated from God forever in a lost eternity. We need to see the urgency of having a compassion for souls and for doing what we can to lead them to Christ.

Prayer matters:

  • Ask the Lord to give you a soft and tender heart towards the unsaved; to give you a holy compassion for the lost
  • Ask Him to give you the strength to be able to witness to these people, even to have and take any opportunity that comes your way to tell others of what the Saviour means to you
Hugs Karen x