Friday, 27 February 2015

Exodus 40: God in the midst

Good evening friends and here we are at the end of the book of Exodus! Did you enjoy it? Did anyone follow through right from the beginning to the end? If you did, well done! I hope you have been truly blessed and grown closer to the Lord.
The tabernacle was completed exactly as God commanded - 8 times in this chapter we read the words or those similar to these "as the Lord commanded Moses". He did as God said, no questions. He believed God had a perfect plan for his life and for that of the people of Israel and he fully complied.
Can you imagine the excitement there must have been in the camp on the day the tabernacle was finally erected? They had been preparing for this time for months and finally the day had arrived. But it wasn't so much that the tabernacle had been put up in its completion; no, the excitement and joy would have been more that God's glory settled upon the tabernacle, signifying that God was there in the midst of His people. This was not a one-off happening, but rather it was the start of God's presence with them as they continued on their journey to the land flowing with milk and honey. Remember back in Ex 32:10 when God was so angry at the people for their sin of idolatry that He was ready to destroy them if Moses hadn't stepped in and prayed for the people. In Ex 33:2,3 God sent an angel to lead the people for He said He could not even be in amongst their sinfulness. But now, in verse 38 God has blessed them with His holy presence once again in answer to Moses' prayer of Ex 34:9 and in spite of their great wickedness against Him. Doesn't this reveal the everlasting mercy and grace of our loving God? We do not deserve His grace and mercy because of all of our sin, but yet He loves us in spite of our sin and is willing to be a part of our lives if we only repent and accept Him as Saviour and Lord of our lives. His presence would have been so much more precious to the people in the camp because of their recent and the fact that they nearly lost the blessing of the God of heaven.
Aren't you so glad and thankful that, in spite of your sin God loves you dearly? that in spite of backsliding He is waiting with open arms to welcome you back to Himself? that in spite of letting Him down every day He still wants to dwell within you by His Holy Spirit? In a similar way to the cloud being a visible sign of the Lord's presence with His people, we now have an invisible indwelling of the Holy Spirit. See Romans 8:14-17 and Ephesians 2:17-22.
Prayer matters:
  • Thank the Lord for His great mercy and love to you in saving your soul for all eternity
  • Praise Him for His daily presence and help in your life
  • Ask Him to help you to be fully obedient in every aspect of your life, without question
Thank you for being with us these past 8 weeks for this study! Please come back on Monday as we start a new study in the book of Matthew and if you can, send a link to your friends inviting them to join in.
Hugs Karen x

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