Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Exodus 38: Giving up something precious

Good evening ladies. Today I'd like to look at what these women in Exodus gave up that was precious to them. Firstly, let's look back at Exodus 25:22,25,29. The women are mentioned here as being 'willing hearted'. They brought bracelets, earrings, rings and tablets (other types of jewellery), all treasures of gold. As Daphne reminded us the other day, these were the riches that they brought with them from Egypt. They didn't have them in their possession very long before they had to give them up, but they have proved their dedication to the Lord and His work by bringing them with a willing heart. They also handcrafted items which were useful for the Tabernacle, according to the instructions that God gave Moses. They literally brought what they could to the work and for this they are to be highly commended. This was something the women could contribute to.

Image result for old handheld mirrorBut here in Exodus 38 verse 8, God tells us specifically that they brought something else. Their mirrors. These were items that would have been, as they still are, precious to the women because they would have been used for personal grooming, to check that they looked alright before going out. What home is there in the country where there is not at least one mirror? Think of your own home and how many mirrors there are. Many women carry mirrors in their handbags. Even our cars have at least three mirrors! So, as far as these women are concerned, God is commending them for giving up something that He knew was important to them. I wonder, are we as prepared to be self-sacrificing? Are we ready to give up something we love for the Lord's sake, so that His work can go forward or so that His name can be glorified? I'm even thinking of our health. That is indeed something we all hold as very precious, but how would we feel if we had to give it up, for the Lord's sake? How could having poor health glorify the Lord, you ask? Very simply...if the ill person accepts that this is God's will for their life and makes the best of it without looking for sympathy, then this can truly be an inspiration to others and a reason to thank the Lord for their testimony and witness even in times of trial and pain. I know some people who have really hard times where their health is concerned but the way they handle it causes me to thank the Lord for them and for their witness.

What if the Lord asked you to give up a child like Hannah did with Samuel? What I mean here is, would you be able to be happy that the Lord maybe calls your child into full time service, meaning they would have to live far away from you, with little opportunity to see them? To do so is to be self-sacrificing. You would be giving up something you really love and hold as precious for the Lord's sake and so that His kingdom can be advanced. But the Lord would abundantly bless you for doing so. He rewards all those who love Him and put Him first.

Think about something that you regard as precious and important - could you give it up for the Lord?

Prayer matters:
  • Ask the Lord to help you to be willing to give up whatever He asks you to, for the sake of His work and witness
  • Ask Him to truly bless those who are struggling with poor health or some other loss
Hugs Karen x

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