Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Exodus 37: The Mercy Seat

Hello again friends. Tonight we are looking at the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant. How many times have we heard this talked about in church and we maybe nod as if we understand, but we're actually not quite sure? Unless you have heard sermons preached specifically about the Tabernacle you are probably not absolutely sure what this is about - we all know it's something to do with the Lord, but not the exact meaning behind the description. Until I did this study, I was one of those people. I'm not saying, by any means, that I'm an expert on it now, but I have a bit of a better idea of the significance today than I had yesterday! 

Taken from:
The Ark of the Covenant is an open chest containing God's Laws which was covered by a golden lid which itself is called the 'mercy seat'. On the Day of Atonement, once a year, the high priest would go in to the Most Holy place and sprinkle the blood of a sacrificed animal on the mercy seat. God accepted this as an atonement for the sins of the whole nation. 

Also on the Ark are two identical cherubim with wings stretched out over the mercy seat and with their faces looking down towards the mercy seat. These cherubim are symbols of God's holiness and His presence and they were regarded as instruments of judgment. They are positioned in this way to indicate that God's judgment upon Israel was turned away because of the blood-stained mercy seat. It was between these cherubim that the Lord would appear in a cloud to meet with Moses (Ex 25:22).

In Romans 3:25, the Greek word for 'mercy seat' means propitiation, and it is Christ who is being discussed here by the apostle Paul. The word for 'mercy seat' also has the same root as the word for atonement which means to cover, cleanse, cancel or appease. So the mercy seat is a foreshadow of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the same way that the mercy seat and the blood that was sprinkled on it protected the nation of Israel from God's judgment, so now Christ stands forever between a holy God and sinful man because of the sacrifice He made on Calvary by shedding His precious atoning blood to turn the judgment of God from us, if we but accept this gift of mercy.

I must admit that Christ's sacrifice for my sins is so much more meaningful to me now that I understand this about the mercy seat. God accepts only the blood sacrifice for sin and only Christ could provide the way! Thank you Lord for your precious Son!

Prayer Matters:
  • Ask the Lord to help you to really understand what His Word is teaching, especially with the more difficult passages.
  • Who do you know who needs to be cleansed in this precious blood of Christ? ask the Lord to lead you to some needy soul today with the good news of the Gospel.
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