Saturday, 21 February 2015

Exodus 35: Willing and Wise Hearts

Good morning girls! I'm really sorry I didn't get to post this last night, but better late than never!
Here we are at the end of week 7, can you believe it?! One more week and we'll have completed the book of Exodus! Thank you to all those who have followed through on this right from the beginning, that's great! But I'm also glad that there are others who have been able to join in along the journey, whether at the middle or even at the end. It doesn't matter when you start these studies, just that you get some food for your soul and learn the habit of daily Bible reading and prayer. As women who love the Lord, our aim should be to love Him more, serve Him more, glorify Him more and grow in our faith.

There were two phrases that jumped out at me in this chapter - "willing heart" and "wise heart". The Christian woman could certainly be blessed with one or the other type of heart, and that is wonderful! But how much more glorifying to God would it be to have a willing and wise heart? I know that from the minute I got saved I always had a heart that was willing to do God's work and will in my life. But unfortunately, it took years of living and learning to gain a 'wise' heart. I think I owe a lot of this to my husband, a very wise man. He has always shown wisdom in his dealings with people and situations and as I've watched and listened to him, I'm hoping I have learned how to be wiser. I know I still have a long way to go, but I'm 'willing' to learn 'wisdom'!

As I read through this chapter what I noticed about the 'willing' heart was that it has to do mostly with 'offerings' to the Lord. Look at verses 5, 21, 22 and 29. Men and women 'brought' gifts to the Lord, they gave Him what they could from their finances, their belongings, their possessions. Are we willing to give the Lord what we can? Remember the widow in the New Testament who gave her last mite into the offering? It was all she had, but she gave it all. I was talking to a friend the other day who told me that she had heard a preacher talking about people who gave their money to the Lord's work, but only gave what was left after they had spent what they needed to spend first. He said that as Christians we should be giving to the Lord first, before we even think about what we need to use our money for. This is absolutely true. The Lord will never see His children go short when they put Him first. We need to ask ourselves if we are being greedy or selfish with what we have. Do we make sure we have enough, and more, first or do we give to the Lord as a priority?

The second phrase is the "wise heart". This is seen in verses 10, 21, 25, 26 and 35. What I got from these verses is that the wise heart is more to do with giving to the Lord regarding our time and our talents. The wise hearted person is the one who 'comes' into God's presence, setting aside other tasks to give Him time and attention and using the talents and skills we have been blessed with for His sake. These women in Exodus 35 could spin and make beautiful garments; they were good with their hands. Some ladies are blessed with being able to bake and cook; others can speak in the children's meetings. Whatever talents you have been given by the Lord, give back to Him by using them to serve Him in some way. Every single person has something they can do for the Lord. Be wise and serve Him with what you have.

Notice here too that we need the Lord's help to serve Him. Very often we can't just make ourselves do the things we should; we need His Holy Spirit to stir us into action, to make us willing and wise. In many of the verses in this chapter we read that God stirred up their hearts and filled them with wisdom to do the work.

Prayer Matters:
  • Ask the Lord to help you have a willing heart to give Him what you can, not out of mere duty but out of a deep love for Him
  • Ask Him for daily wisdom for your marriage, your relationships, your church
  • Ask Him to reveal to you your strengths and then use them for His glory
  • Ask Him to stir up your heart with love and compassion to serve Him wholeheartedly 
See you back here on Monday with a message from Daphne and also a new verse from Psalm 3 to memorize. Have a great weekend!

Hugs Karen x

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