Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Exodus 33: Talking to your best friend

Hello folks! Hope you are well.
Did you enjoy today's chapter? I loved it . I felt that there were so many lessons for me to learn here that I couldn't relate them all to you so I've just picked out a few.
  • Most of this chapter sees Moses in conversation with the Lord. Moses has been let down by the Israelites and he has been disappointed by his own brother, BUT the Lord has been his faithful and steady friend. How often have you found this to be the case? People will always let us down and disappoint us, and no doubt we'll do the same to them, but thankfully our trust isn't in people; it's in the Lord who will never fail us. Isn't this a lovely image here (vs 9,11)? Moses and the Lord standing at the door of the tabernacle, two good friends having a conversation.
  • Verse 12. When Moses was going through difficult times, he kept returning to the Lord to talk matters over with Him before he did anything - he wanted, no he needed, to know that God was with him. God was the first person, not a last resort, Moses sought out to talk to about his problems.
  • Verse 7. Putting this tent (not the big Tabernacle that God gave design instructions for) outside the camp signified that the Lord was no longer going to be in the midst of the people; it meant that if people were going to worship Him, they had to make an effort to set aside a time for fellowship with Him. They had to leave their own tent and go outside the camp to meet with the Lord. But (v10) some people couldn't be bothered making this effort and they just stayed at their own tent door and worshipped the Lord in their own way.
  • Verse 14. Through prayer and intercession, Moses gained back the presence of God for Israel.
  • Verses 12-17 and 19. There is abundant mercy and grace mentioned in this chapter. Five times we read the word "grace", twice we read "gracious" and twice, "mercy".
  • Verse 15. Moses has no desire to move until he knows for sure that God's presence is with him.
Lessons to learn:
  • We too can have a close friendship with the Lord. We read His word and He speaks to us; then we pray and talk to Him. It is a two-way conversation (v11). He will never let us down.
  • The first person we should run to in times of trouble is the Lord. Of course, it's good to have someone close to us to talk to but our priority should be the Lord. 
  • We have to make an effort to spend time with the Lord in fellowship. This means switching off all the gadgets like iPads, phones and computers (or at least putting them out of sight for a while) and giving the Lord our full attention. It also means that on prayer meeting night, we should make the effort to be there, to have fellowship with the Lord and His people and to get close to Him. Where there's a will, there's a way.
  • Through prayer and intercession, we could also bring back our nation to the God it has abandoned. Do we have the desire to see the people of our wee country serving the living God again? We could certainly see this happening if we pray - 2 Chron 7:14.
  • We should never make a move to go anywhere or do anything without making sure the Lord's presence is with us. Stay put until He makes it clear what He wants you to do.
Prayer matters:
  • Ask the Lord to give you a deep desire and burden to pray and have fellowship with Him and to always come to Him first with your worries
  • Ask Him to help you to make the effort to spend time with Him, in His appointed way; ask Him to give you opportunities to get alone with Him (especially if you have young children or other important duties)
  • Ask Him for a burden for your country, your church, your neighbours
Lots to think about tonight!

Hugs Karen x

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