Monday, 16 February 2015

Exodus 31: Building the Tabernacle

Hello folks and welcome to our new followers. It's good to have you with us and I hope you enjoy your visits with us. It's a new week and so a new verse to memorize, Psalm 3 verse 3. Are you finding these verses easy enough to learn? Can you believe we'll soon be finished the book of Exodus?! We just have this week and next. What did you think of it? I agree that it was difficult at times to apply it to our own everyday situations, but we managed to learn something, didn't we? Would you like to know where we'll be going after that? The book of Matthew! I think the problem we will have in this gospel will not be trying to get something relevant to our own lives but, trying to keep it to just one or two verses that really stand out! There will be so much we can learn. The good thing is, we will probably all have different lessons to learn. Doesn't that just show you how amazing the Word of God is, that there are a number of us women all reading the same words but getting a different message from the Lord to meet the exact need of our soul? 

Anyway, on to Exodus 31. Just for a wee change this week and to stop you from getting bored listening to me all the time, I have asked one of the followers of this blog, Mrs Daphne McKee, if she would mind doing a 'guest slot' and sharing with us what she has learned from God's Word for this chapter. Daphne very kindly agreed to do this and I appreciate her labours for the Lord in this way. Here's what Daphne says:

Good evening everyone, I hope you all had a lovely weekend – I always enjoy Sunday – it’s good to be able to hear God’s word explained and so encouraging when God speaks to us through His word.

So when Mrs Murray asked me to do a ‘wee guest spot’ for her I was pleased to see that in the first verse of Exodus Ch 31 that God was speaking to Moses. 

I noticed that God was giving Moses 3 different types of instructions

How to build the tabernacle
God gave precise instructions as to how the tabernacle was to be built just as God has given us instructions as to how to live our lives – when we are saved our bodies are not our own.  1 Cor 6 v 19 tells us that our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost therefore we should glorify God both with our body and spirit.

Who would build the tabernacle
We can see in verses 3 and 6 that God gave the workers the wisdom and knowledge that they needed to do the work – When we remember that previously all the Israelites had done in Egypt was make bricks then we can understand how they may have felt overwhelmed by this task, I’m sure that many of us know this feeling when God calls us to do something for Him.  Proverbs 2:6 For the Lord giveth wisdom.  It’s so comforting knowing that God will give us the skill to do whatever He asks us to do.

When to build the tabernacle
Though the work was to be carried out quickly – God did not want anyone to work on the Sabbath. 
It’s sad to see how to-day it is ‘normal’ for work to continue on Sunday – it’s not that long ago that shops etc were all closed and churches full.  Even though we have all modern time-saving technologies it seems we have even less time to remember our Creator.

God did not mean that keeping the Sabbath was to be a chore but rather an opportunity to have a rest from our work and busy lives and have a day of praise and thanksgiving.  The shifting of it from Saturday to Sunday was in remembrance of our Lord’s resurrection – so it really is a day of praise and thanksgiving when we remember the sacrifice made for us so that we could have our sins forgiven.

Daphne x

Thank you, Daphne. Now that was easy, wasn't it?! Daphne will be back again next Monday, God willing, with her thoughts on Exodus 36. 

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