Thursday, 12 February 2015

Exodus 29: Offerings made to the Lord

Good evening, friends. I do hope you're enjoying the studies and getting some food and rest for your soul.

I have to be honest with you and say that when I came upon this chapter, as in previous times, I was tempted just to skim over it quickly because it looked a bit heavy going, especially with all those "offerings"! But no, I couldn't do that this time. Every word in the Bible is important, no matter how difficult it may seem to understand so I settled down to really read it and take it in, armed with a few commentaries from my husband's study! So for the first time ever, I got to grips with these offerings and discovered that, once again, the Old Testament is pointing ahead to Christ the Saviour.

There are seven offerings mentioned in Exodus 29. We'll take a look at each one individually, but you'll see they are not in sequential order by verse but as I think they relate to us, our sin and to the Saviour.

Verse 18, "burnt offerings". These signify God's wrath poured out upon, and burning up, the sin of mankind as it was laid upon our dear Saviour on the cross of Calvary. When Jesus died on the cross, the wrath of His Father fell upon Him, the sinless One, devouring your sin and mine. They are also a sign of our belief in His finished work and our profession of our faith (John 1:29).

Verse 41, "meat offering". Since meat is something that was used for food, this represents us offering our person and our property, our body and possessions. Usually it was presented alongside a burnt offering to show the connection between pardon of sin and devotion to God. It signifies that there is now fellowship with God (Rom 12:1).

Verse 28, "peace offering". There is a connection between this offering and the previous two in that, after faith in Christ's finished work and a giving up of ourselves to a holy God in service, there is now peace in our hearts. Christ gives us peace within; He is the only One who can satisfy the needs of our soul. (Rom 5:1,2).

Verse 14, "sin offering". Sin has been dealt with completely in the individual person. This offering refers to sins that we commit but may not even be aware that we have committed them or that they are indeed sin, usually in relation to our attitude. For example, a heart full of pride, a lack of love in a certain situation, rashness in our words. So we need to come to God and confess all of our sins, the ones we are well aware of and those we have missed (1 John 2: 1,2).

Verse 24. "wave offering". This was symbolic that the offering was dedicated to the Lord. Portions of the offering were literally waved in the air to let the Lord see it and then used practically, for example, to feed the families of the priests. For us, this means that we need to show our dedication to the Lord by our lifestyle and our testimony.

Verse 40, "drink offering". Along with the sacrifices of an animal, grain and oil, a drink was offered to the Lord as a metaphor for providing hospitality and food for God, which was very important in the Middle East. For us, this would signify what we can do, as Christians, for other people. How can we serve and help others?

Verse 27, "heave offering". This was harder to find any commentaries on, but it seems that this is similar to the wave offering. It involved the raising up of the hands and arms towards heaven while presenting the offering to God. This would signify that it is something designated for a higher purpose. Just the way we are as Christians. When we get saved God does not expect us to just sit around doing nothing for Him. We are designated for more than that. God wants us to be up and doing for Him, serving him, praising Him, telling others about Him. I asked myself, 'do I want to grow rusty in my Christian life through lack of use, or do I want to be ready and willing to serve the Lord and bring glory to His name?'

So, that's what I found out about the offerings. If you know anything more on this subject please feel free to share with us. 

Prayer matters: Ask the Lord to help you to be up and doing for Him and for others. Pray that you will find peace in living for Him.

Hugs Karen x

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