Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Exodus 27: Burning lamps

Good evening friends! Before we start with this chapter, I'd just like to tell you that there has been great rejoicing among the families and friends of a couple of our followers on this blog! The daughter of one of the ladies' has come to trust fully in Christ as Saviour and we are so thankful for this wonderful news! It is a real cause of praise to the Lord for answered prayer. I am telling you this because I want you to be encouraged to pray on for loved ones to come to Christ. Sometimes, we feel so discouraged when we do not see answers to prayer, but please, do not give up, but instead come to the Lord with a renewed zeal that He is faithful to answer prayer in His own special time.

I'd also like to thank those who have added comments on various posts of what you have learned from God's Word. If you don't feel comfortable about going public with your comments, then you can email me using the comment form on the left or text me. It encourages my heart to hear what you're learning and how the Lord is blessing you.

The verse that has really spoken to my heart from this chapter is verse 20, "...that they bring thee pure oil olive beaten for the light, to cause the lamp to burn always."

In the Scriptures, oil is very often a picture of the Holy Spirit. When we get saved, the Holy Spirit enters our heart. As John 14 reminds us, until we reach heaven and experience complete fellowship with Christ, He is sending us "another Comforter", the Holy Spirit. This is a very simple illustration, but you know how if someone you love is going away for a while, they might leave you a little gift or a note just to remind you of their love for you while they're away? Or if a work colleague leaves, you might get them a piece of jewelry or something to remind them of you? Well, this is similar to what the Lord is talking about in John 14:16,17. He is telling His disciples that He must leave and won't see them again for a while but in the meantime He will send the Holy Spirit to comfort them and be with them. Aren't these words lovely - "And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you for ever"; take note too that the Holy Spirit doesn't not just live with us but He also lives within us. "For He dwelleth with you, and shall be in you" (v17). So those of you who are maybe feeling alone or lonely tonight, please be assured you are not alone. Even though you cannot see the Saviour YET, He has sent the Holy Spirit to comfort you and to be with you. What a blessed assurance of Christ's love for His people!  

In Exodus 27:20, the lamp can also be a picture of us and our testimony. As we see from this verse, the oil is in the lamp and causes it to burn brightly. In the same way, the Spirit is within us and our life and testimony can burn brightly because of His presence and grace. But how can we make sure the lamp burns 'always'? By making sure we are always filled with the oil, the Spirit. If we don't refill the lamp by prayer and reading God's Word and walking close to God, then the oil will be used up and the lamp will not burn. We need to replenish the oil often so that the lamp doesn't dry up. We need to make an effort to be in the Word of God, each and every day. Fill yourself with God's Word, be with God's people, pray to Him, keep close to Him.

Prayer matters: Ask the Lord to give you time, energy and enthusiasm to get into His Word. Ask Him to help you soak yourself in Him and be filled with the Holy Spirit, and know that the Spirit is within you to comfort and help you along your journey of life. Pray for the other ladies who follow this blog, even if you don't know them personally - they are your sisters in Christ, who know and understand many of the difficulties that we all have to go through.

Hugs Karen x

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