Thursday, 5 February 2015

Exodus 24: Fellowship with God

Hello folks. I'm sorry this post is quite late being put up but you know how busy life can be at times!

What did you glean from this chapter? There are a few of the verses that really spoke to me, the first one being verse 2. It's amazing to see the progression of Moses' relationship with God over the years to this point where God will allow only His friend to come near to Him, not anyone else. This is a very close friendship between Moses and his Lord. What a privilege for Moses! 

Verse 7 also spoke to me in that, when Moses read the Law of God to the people, they were united in their desire to obey Him completely. They promised full obedience to His commands (that's something we need to bear in mind for the upcoming chapters). This is what God requires of His people - full and total obedience, to every part of His law, not just the bits that appeal to us. We can't dissect the Word and choose what we will obey and ignore the rest.

Now, I have to admit that I have read the book of Exodus many times but I actually don't remember taking on board the words of verses 9-11. It's as if I've never read them before. I'm amazed that these men actually saw the Lord and lived to tell the tale; and not only did they see Him, but this is the best part, they had fellowship with Him. The ate and drank with Him and spent time in His company! That's wonderful, isn't it? The disciples also spent time in the Lord's company, many times, and the most significant time was during the Last Supper. We also can spend time in the Lord's presence, when we read His Word, listening for Him to speak to us and talking to Him in prayer. And then of course, as Christians, we have the greatest privilege to look forward to in heaven, when we shall have fellowship with God for ever and always! What privileges belong to us. These men with Moses on Mount Sinai saw a bit of a glimpse into what we shall see in reality when we reach the golden shores of heaven. We shall see Christ the Son and God our heavenly Father and all the saints who have gone on before and there will be nothing to compare to this. We shall feast at the Marriage supper with the Lamb, where we will praise Him for all He has done for us. I really hope it brings joy and peace to your heart to dwell upon these things.

Matthew Henry said regarding verse 10: 
"The sapphires are the pavement under His feet; let us put all the wealth of this world under our feet, and not in our hearts".  Only Christ should occupy the heart of the sinner saved by grace.
Prayer matters: Ask the Lord to help you to draw near to Him in fellowship and spend time in His presence. Ask Him too to help you put your heart and soul into obeying Him completely, not just sometimes or in certain matters, but at all times and in all things.

Praying for you tonight
Hugs Karen x

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