Thursday, 15 January 2015

Exodus 9: Diseased cattle, boils and hail

Good evening friends and apologies for only getting this post out now.  Instead of posting first thing in the morning I've decided to do it in the evenings from now on.

So, as a reminder, what exactly was the purpose of all these plagues?  Verse 14 tells us "That thou (ie Pharaoh and his people) mayest know that there is none like me (Jehovah) in all the earth." Verse 16 reinforces this because we learn here that the reason for the existence of Pharaoh as king was to prove God's power and to declare His name throughout the world.  God is the Creator and it is His choice what He does with those He creates - we cannot, and dare not, dictate to God.  It is a sad reality that people today see themselves as more than what they really are.  Man has a very lofty opinion of himself, an opinion which he has not learned from the Scriptures.  The Bible tells us in many places that we are only dust, we are sinful, we are far from holy...and yet man still thinks he has something in himself to boast of.  There can only be redemption and salvation for the soul that sees its unworthiness before a holy God on this side of eternity.  That's why the Gospel is preached, to make people aware of their need of a Saviour.  When Christ returns to this earth as Judge, the time for salvation will be past.  We must accept Christ as Saviour now.

Thankfully, there were some of Pharaoh's servants who were wise and, after four severe plagues from God, they finally believed the word of His servant Moses and did as God said by protecting their cattle.  This was the right thing to do.  Sadly, however, there were those who remained as sinfully stubborn as their master Pharaoh, and they suffered the consequences.

In life, regarding our relationship with the Lord, we have two options:
  • God commands ~ we obey ~ He is glorified ~ we are blessed
  • God commands ~ we disobey ~ He is still glorified ~ we are punished
Would it not be easier to just obey Him in the first place and save ourselves a lot of grief?  Let's be wise today and yield to the Lord and in doing so, we will find peace and blessing.

Prayer matters: Pray for friends and family who are still stubbornly rejecting the Lord's offer of mercy and ask Him to soften their hearts to accept His love and mercy.  Pray too that He will give us soft and tender hearts to always want to do His will and be in obedience each day we live.

Hugs Karen x

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